How To Wear A Silk Scarf

Silk Scarves – and scarves in general – were once a must-have accessory, however these days they are often stuffed at the back of a drawer and reserved for winter only. Even so, scarves are generally making a comeback.

How To Wear A Silk Scarf

The reason? Their versatility and a person’s want to have fun with their style. And why not? Fashion is meant to be fun after all.

A scarf can add some extra style to a plain outfit, no matter the season which is being dressed for. For example, a scarf may be used as a way to keep warm, but you can also use it to shade yourself from the sun.

A silk scarf adds an element of glamor to an outfit, but you can also wear it dressed down too. Pair it with a white blouse and jeans and voila(!) – you have a chic outfit that is wearable any day of the week.

If you are wondering how to wear a silk scarf, then you have come to the right place. While here at Diary of a Vintage Girl we have been wearing silk scarves for years, we are not surprised that people are getting back into wearing such a thing.

What Actually Is A Silk Scarf?

Silk scarves are different from your regular wool or cotton scarves. Silk scarves bought new tend to be higher in price, while vintage silk scarves can be better on the purse strings, and often in great condition too.

A silk scarf can often be found in either a triangle or square shape. They are usually also  adorned with lots of patterns and colors, and may even have some familiar accents depending on the brand of scarf.

Because they are thin, they are often used as a neckerchief type scarf or as a headwrap. You do not typically see this kind of scarf being worn in winter for warmth.

It may take away some of the chill experienced in spring, but it cannot warm you up in very cold weather. However, don’t be surprised if you see Instagrammers and street style enthusiasts wearing a silk scarf as a top. 

When Do People Wear Silk Scarves?

Skill scarves are often related to casual dressing, however it is generally an accessory that is regarded as seasonless. This is because they are more for fashion styling, rather than being functional.

Most people wear a silk scarf as an additional decoration to their outfit, rather than using the scarf as a way to keep warm (see also ‘10 Fashionable Vintage Silk Scarves You Need In Your Life‘). Due to its thin material, it won’t do much in that regard.

However, the silk scarf can be functional too if you really want it to be. It can make a great hair wrap to keep your hair out of your face. This is especially useful when driving the car. It also makes you look very stylish too!

Some trendsetters might even wear a silk scarf as a top too, though you have to feel very body confident to do this. 

While silk scarves do have a vintage look about them, they are still seen as the ideal casual accessory. Even so, you can use a silk scarf to dress up an outfit too, it just depends what you put with it. 

What Are Modern Ways To Wear A Silk Scarf?

If you are looking for interesting ways to wear a silk scarf, then look no further. We have some inspiring ideas to show you how to wear your silk scarf so it isn’t left in the back of a drawer. 

In Your Hair

How To Wear A Silk Scarf

Hide bad hair days by wrapping a silk scarf around your head, or use it to conceal a bun and let the ends flow. 

It can make you look really stylish when worn in the hair, and it looks fantastic on both short and long hair. 

As A Bandeau Top

Using a silk scarf as a bandeau during summer is the perfect DIY top. It can even be used as a bikini top cover when you leave the beach. 

As A Neckerchief

The classic look is to use a silk scarf as a neckerchief. It can elevate a boring and plain outfit. Just remember to make sure the styles do not clash. 

As An Accessory

You can also use a silk scarf as an accessory. One way is by tying a silk scarf to a plain black bag to give it some color.

What To Avoid Wearing With A Silk Scarf

While a silk scarf is a fashion staple, it doesn’t suit every look going. For this reason, you will want to avoid wearing a silk scarf in these fashion situations:

  • Loungewear – while loungewear is a fashion statement in itself, it doesn’t marry well alongside a silk scarf. Loungewear, along with athleisure, is laid-back in nature, while a silk scarf is seen as very exquisite. The two just aren’t meant to be. 
  • Double Knot – it makes sense that you don’t want to lose your silk scarf on a particularly windy day, but tying it with a double knot is ugly. Instead, use a pin to make sure that it doesn’t come loose. 
  • Lots Of Necklaces – if you are wanting to wear the silk scarf as a neckerchief, avoid wearing chunky statement necklaces, or just lots of them all in one go. It will look too busy.
  • Wear It Just Right As A Bandeau Top – there are a couple of things to keep in mind when wearing a silk scarf as a top. If there is too much material, you will be tying all sorts of knots and folds which will not look good. If you can barely tie the silk scarf together, then it is too small. 

Final Thoughts

The silk scarf is a versatile accessory that can be worn in a multitude of ways. While it was once a popular fashion piece, there has been a resurgence within the past year.

If you can find yourself a vintage silk scarf, not only will you save money, but no doubt it will become a go-to piece (check out ‘10 Fashionable Vintage Silk Scarves You Need In Your Life‘). 

Willa Price

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