How To Wear A Square Scarf

If you love accessorizing, then scarves are probably already a part of your wardrobe! Scarves can really finalize an outfit, and make it pop.

For instance, if you like wearing a plain white tee, with trousers or jeans, then a patterned scarf will really brighten up the whole look.

How To Wear A Square Scarf

One of the more popular scarf choices today is the square scarf (check out ‘10 Fashionable Vintage Silk Scarves You Need In Your Life‘).

This scarf looks great on people of all ages, and can really add a touch of class to your outfit choice. 

What Is A Square Scarf?

Square scarves are simply everything you think they are. They are scarves in the shape of a square. These scarves are typically made from silk or cotton materials, and tend to be very lightweight.

They are mostly used for fashion purposes rather than to layer up and keep warm as they are more of a stylish accessory. 

A square scarf may also be referred to as a bandana, neck scarf or neckerchief. However, bandanas tend to be smaller square scarves, and neckerchiefs are larger square scarves.

As these scarves are square, it can be hard to know how to fold and wear them to make them look good! 

How To Wear A Square Scarf

A silk square scarf should definitely be in your wardrobe. It’s classic and timeless.

Adding a simple silk scarf to your outfit can make it effortlessly chic and fabulous. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can style a square scarf.

Pointing In The Front

One of the most popular ways is to have the scarf folded into a triangular shape, with the point facing the front of your neck, or on the side at an angle.

All you will need to do is fold the square scarf in half diagonally to create a triangle.

Then, wrap the scarf around your neck, and grab the two thinnest points, so that the triangle is facing the front by your chin, and tie the points together in a knot.

Swing the scarf around into the right position, and point it downwards, and that’s it. 

Bow Tie

If you want to smarten up a look, you can tie the scarf around your neck in a bow tie look. This is particularly useful if you have a plain, one color outfit on and you want the eye to be drawn to the pattern of the scarf. 

To create this look, you’ll want to roll up the scarf diagonally to give you some leeway with it. Then, place it around the neck, and tie a bow in the front directly under your chin.

You’ll want to do this loosely so the bow sits on your chest rather than under your face like a big clown bow! That’s it!

This look pairs well with a simple plain top, and a long flowing skirt to add a touch of feminine class to your outfit. 

Head Scarf

A popular way to wear a silk square scarf is as a head scarf (see our article ‘How To Wear A Silk Scarf’ for more information). This is a fun, simple way to style your hair and smarten up an outfit.

It also gives a vintage, 50s pinup feel if you do so when your hair is in a bun. However, you can always just tie the scarf around your head like a headband when your hair is let down and flowing! (if you need to know how to tie a scarf around your head, read our guide here)

For the pin up style, put your hair in a high bun or topknot. Then, roll the scarf diagonally like you would for the bow tie, but you can alter the thickness.

If you want a thick band, then keep more fabric showing, or roll it tightly for a thinner band.

Tie the scarf around your head, and either do a small knot at the front of your head, or create a larger bow for a more dramatic look. 

Loose Tie

For a relaxed, chilled out look, you may want to try the loose tie. This is great if you want to layer up on top of some jeans, a tee, and a nice jacket or blazer.

It provides a ‘just rolled out of bed, but I look fabulous’ kind of look that models like Kate Moss would use. 

To create this look, you’re going to need to begin with the scarf rolled up diagonally (again). This gives you plenty of fabric to work with. This look works best with a larger square scarf rather than a small one. 

Then, drape the scarf around your neck once it is rolled up, and around half way down where it is sitting, around where your bust begins, tie it together very loosely.

This way, it will hang down effortlessly and cascade down your body, and you get to see the pretty pattern of the scarf. 

Wear It Loose

Similar to the above style, just drape a rolled up square scarf around your neck, and let it hang! No need to tie it!

Wrap It

If you have a larger square scarf, especially a silk one, you can wrap it around like a belt!

If you don’t have notches in your trousers you can loop the belt through, simply tie the scarf around the waist to pull in an oversized shirt or dress.

Just be sure to tuck in the ends of the scarf so they don’t stick out, or for added security, you can use pins to make sure the belt stays put all day. 

Cowgirl Style

If you want to wear your scarf cowboy or cowgirl style, then we have a simple solution for you. Simply grab your square scarf, or bandana.

This works best with a 22 x 22 inch fabric square scarf. First, take the scarf and fold it in half to make a triangle.

Then, loop it under the chin, and tie it in the back, to make a knot. This is best done when tied twice to keep it in place. 

If you have a smaller scarf, you can fold it in half to a triangle again, fold and twist it up so that you have around 2 inches of fabric to wrap around.

Make sure it is folded tight, and tie it around your neck like a choker, then tie a knot, and swing it to the side so that the knot is at the side of your neck for a cowgirl, country look.  

Final Thoughts

To summarize, you should definitely have a square scarf as part of your clothing collection. These scarves are versatile, stylish and oh so classy.

The best part? You can wear them in so many different ways to mix up your wardrobe.

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