21 Stunning Navy Blue & Dark Blue Nails For Your Next Manicure

It can be easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to the designs that you paint on your nails.  There are so many colors and styles that you can choose from, and that’s without even considering whether you want acrylics or to leave your nails natural.  

21 Stunning Navy Blue & Dark Blue Nails For Your Next Manicure

Settling on a color for your nails is one of the biggest choices when it comes to getting your nails done. 

Below are some great ideas for stunning navy blue and dark blue nails that can help to make your next manicure pop even more.  You can use these nails for inspiration when you next visit your nail salon. 

Stunning Navy Blue & Dark Blue Nails

There are so many different ways that you can use dark blue and navy blue nails to create different looks for any occasion in your life. 

Whether you want a simple, elegant look for everyday wear, or you want a more extravagant look for a night out, there are plenty of looks to choose from.  Below, there are plenty of different styles to use for inspiration and to help you change up your nails. 

Dark Blue Nails With Glitter

Dark blue and navy blue are incredibly rich colors that exude class and sophistication.  However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t dress them up to add a bit more fun and personality to your nails. 

Here are some designs that incorporate some glittering fun to your dark navy blue nails. 

1. Navy Blue Nails With Glitter Sash Detail

Navy blue is a wonderfully warm and rich color that is quite grown-up in terms of nail art.  However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have any fun with it. 

These gorgeous nails feature a cute glitter detail that looks like a sash across your nail.  You can also alter the amount of blue on your nails and the amount of glitter like a kind of gradient. 

2. Dark Blue Nails With Statement Glitter Nail

A different take on adding glitter to your dark blue nails is to create a single statement nail to make the design more special.  For this look, all but one of your nails should be painted with your chosen shade of dark blue. 

Then, on the nail that isn’t blue, you can paint glitter polish.  Silver and rose gold glitter both work really well with dark blue. 

3. Dark Blue Nails With Ombre Glitter

Another way to make the most of adding glitter to your dark blue nails is by getting more creative with your statement glitter nails.  This look is similar to the one above but features more glitter for more fun. 

Two statement nails work well with this design and it can be any two nails on either hand.  Add dark blue polish to your other nails, then use two shades of glitter polish to create an ombre effect.

4. Navy Blue Nails With Dusted Glitter

If you don’t want to go all out with the glitter to keep things a bit more subtle, you can use the glitter polish a bit more sparingly.  This look can also be created with nail powder rather than liquid polish. 

Paint all your nails with your chosen shade of navy blue polish.  On the cuticle area, gently dust some silver glitter to create some sparkle.  

5. Deep Navy Blue With Holographic Glitter

If you enjoy having glitter on your nails but want to keep the look a bit more subtle, this could be the look that you want. 

Instead of applying a bright, glitter polish on top of the beautiful navy blue polish, this uses a polish that incorporates both.  The polish has holographic glitter in it to create a subtle but beautiful look for your nails. 

6. Navy Blue Nails With Gold Details

Silver glitter works really well with navy or dark blue nails, however, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use other colors of glitter to create a beautiful, eye-catching look. 

Using gold glitter helps to keep the whole look warm and inviting.  With this particular design, there is one main statement nail that is painted entirely with gold glitter and a smaller statement nail that features thin, gold glitter lines. 

7. Navy Blue Nails With Glitter And Jewel Details

For a more extravagant look, you can combine beautiful shades of navy blue polish with glitter and nail jewels.  This look is perfect for extra special occasions. 

All nails can be painted with your chosen shade of navy to begin this style.  Silver or blue glitter can be applied to a single nail or multiple nails as you wish.  To create a more eye-catching statement nail, you can add nail jewels for an elaborate design. 

8. Dark Blue Nails With Glitter And Stripe Details

If you want to add some sparkle to your nails but keep it looking classy and sophisticated, this could be the look that you need.  The majority of your nails should be painted with a dark blue shade of polish.

A satin finish looks really good with this design.  The other one or two nails should be painted with a soft, nude color.  A shiny finish creates a nice contrast with the satin.  On the nude nails, add some gold stripes and delicate glitter application.

Patterned Dark Blue Nails

If glitter isn’t quite your thing but you don’t want to have nails that are too plain, you can apply a beautiful pattern to your nails to make them more interesting.  Below are some beautiful, patterned designs that can spruce up your manicure. 

9. Dark And Navy Blue Swirl Patterned Nails

This is a great design that works brilliantly on long acrylic nails.  The base color for these nails should be either a neutral nude shade or just bare nails if you prefer. 

The shades of dark and navy blue are applied to the upper half of your nails, almost like tips.  The different shades of blue polish are applied in swirl patterns to create a fluid-looking shape. 

10. Neutral Nails With Dark Blue Flower Details

For a more delicate and intricate look, these beautiful nails are a perfect choice.  Only one or two of your nails should be painted with a solid navy or dark blue polish. 

The other nails should be given a pale, neutral, or nude polish.  On the pale nails, intricate, delicate flowers should be applied with the same navy blue color.  This is a great way to highlight the beauty of this color. 

11. Navy Blue Nails With Minimal Heart Detail

If you want to have a more simple design on your nails but want to inject a little bit of fun, this could be the perfect look for you.  All but one of your nails should be painted with your chosen shade of navy blue. 

The nail that you left can be painted with a nude color or left bare.  A small heart should be painted on this nail in the same navy blue. 

12. Dark Blue Nails WIth Ripple Heart Pattern

If you enjoy the heart pattern mentioned above but want something a little more eye-catching, this could be the pattern for you.  To create this look, all your nails should be painted with your chosen dark blue polish. 

On a statement nail, a white heart should be painted in the middle, and a thinner, line heart should be painted around the solid heart to create a ripple effect. 

13. Navy Blue NAils With Ombre Statements

Another way to break up the solid navy blue color on your nails is to create ombre statement nails.  You can choose any nails to be statement nails for this look.  On the majority of your nails, a solid coat of navy polish is all that is needed. 

On the statement nails, a white base should be applied.  On top of this, a pale navy blue should be applied to the bottom of the nail to create an ombre effect.  

14. Dark Blue Nails With Gold Leaf And Marble Effect

For a slightly more extravagant look that works really well with longer nails or acrylics is this gold leaf and marble design.  This is a design that looks incredibly complex but is actually quite simple to create. 

Using a beautiful, rich dark blue helps the gold leaf to pop more.  Creating a marble effect with dark blue and white colors can be done at home or at a salon.  The application of gold leaf gives the nails a touch of glamor. 

15. Neutral And Dark Blue Patterned Nails

If you love abstract designs on your nails, this is the perfect design for you.  The base of these nails can be created with a nude color or you can leave your nails bare.  If you are using acrylics, this look works really well with clear acrylics. 

On top of the nude, bare, or clear base, the dark blue polish is added in an abstract way that adds some motion and makes your nails look dynamic. 

Simple Dark Blue Nails

For those of you who want to use navy or dark blue on your nails but want to keep your nails simple and easy, these are the looks for you.  Remember, simple doesn’t have to mean boring. 

16. Plain Dark Blue Nails

For the most simple look, you can apply your chosen shade of navy or dark blue to all your nails.  Remember to finish with a top coat to keep your nails looking beautiful and to prevent chipping for as long as possible. 

This is a look that works really well with nails of all lengths, from natural, short nails to long, acrylic nails. 

17. Matte Navy Blue Nails

For a slightly more sleek look than just basic painted nails, these matte finish navy blue nails could be just what you are looking for.  Again, this is a look that works on nails of all lengths and natural or acrylic nails.

The matte finish is surprisingly eye-catching and can be incredibly professional in a work setting.  A special matte top coat will be required for this look. 

18. Simple Navy Blue Tips

For a much more understated and subtle look, these tips could be just what you need.  This is a great option for those of you who don’t want to add a lot of color to your nails. 

The main color of the nails should be a nude shade or just be left bare.  Then simply paint french tips using the navy blue polish that you chose. 

19. Solid And Tipped Dark Blue Nails

If you like the look of the blue tips mentioned above, but want to have a bit more color on your nails, it is possible to combine looks.

For these nails, you will need to paint two or three of your nails with the dark blue polish of your choice.  On the remaining nails, make sure to only paint the tips.  You can also use a nude or pink color for the base on these nails. 

21. High-Shine Dark Blue Nails With Thin Stripe

If matte or satin nails aren’t really your preference and you prefer manicures that are finished with a high-shine top coat, this is the look for you.  Not only are these nails finished with an impressive top coat that almost makes them reflective, but they also have a hidden secret. 

On one nail on each hand, a thin, straight white line is painted to one side.  This gives the effect of a permanent shine line.  This can also be applied to each nail if you prefer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Dark Blue And Navy Blue Mean?

There are many different colors that have different meanings all around the world.  For some people, it is incredibly important to properly understand the symbolism of the colors that they wear.  

Generally, dark blue represents elegance, authority, intelligence, power, and reliability.  This is the perfect nail color to wear to special occasions and formal events. 

Navy blue is generally seen as a color of power and authority.  This is a great color to wear in situations where you need to feel strong and in control. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many different looks that you can create with these stunning colors.  Whether you want a simple look that is suitable for everyday wear or you want to go all out with an elaborate, glamorous look.  This is the perfect color.  

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