13 Perfect 1940s Vintage Wedding Dresses You’ll Love

Everything underwent significant change in the 1940s, including fashion and wedding attire. In reality, the 1940s can be divided into two periods: World War II and the New Look era following the war.

Due to fabric shortages, the War Time silhouette is still comparatively narrow and slim. Rations meant that wedding dresses were simple, practical, and handmade from cheap fabrics.

13 Perfect 1940s Vintage Wedding Dresses You'll Love

After the war, details on wedding dresses such as embroidery and lace started to come back into fashion.

The New Look by Dior, which introduced larger skirts and a return to the emphasis on the chest and waist, was the first major fashion alteration to occur in 1947.

If you are looking for the perfect 1940s vintage wedding dress, then you have got you covered. In this article, we have collected 13 perfect 1940s vintage wedding dresses you’d love to wear on your big day.

1. 1940s White Satin Victorian Wedding Dress

This stunning prairie-style wedding dress from the 1940s is made of white liquid satin with chest-length lace trim.

The long sleeves consist of a design, with fabric-covered buttons on the forearm, and a zipper at the wrist. There is a Peter Pan collar as well. 

The major features on this dress are a fitted bodice, a maxi skirt with a short train, and a covered back zipper. This dress will definitely transport you back to the 1940s. 

2. Liquid Silk Satin Dress With Leaf Motif

This dress screams beauty. It is a beautiful silk gown that is gathered at the bust. This helps to create a more fitted and formed silhouette.

The sleeves are short and gathered, which helps to give the dress and wearer more body and shape. 

The most striking thing about this dress is the delicate leaf design found on the bodice and on the bottom half of the skirt. The skirt naturally flows into an extended train. Everything about this dress is utter perfection.

3. Chiffon Wedding Gown

Chiffon is a really lightweight and flattering material.

When it comes to this wedding dress, this material helps to create a really light and delicate gown that any bride would love to wear on their wedding day.

A sheer bodice and sleeves are worn over the top of a silk under dress. The bodice is fastened with pearl buttons on the front of the garment with a Peter Pan collar.

The skirt falls freely from the waist, to create a pretty silhouette. There is a slight trim on the hem of the dress shirt and the cuffs on the sleeves.

Overall, this is a really simple yet impactful wedding dress. 

4. Bacall Design Wedding Gown

The classic silk satin “Bacall” design is now available with a silk satin under layer in a lovely soft floral French lace. This dress has a fitted bodice with a striking deep-V neckline.

You will notice pleated sleeves that are available in a selection of lengths. 

The dress fastens at the sides with a series of rouleau loops and buttons coated in silk. Finally, the bodice and the length of the skirt are decorated with lovely decorative appliques.

5. 1940’s Blush Vintage Wedding Dress

This dress features beautiful hand-applied lace in a cream tone with blush accents.

A netted fabric with a small amount of flexibility makes up the entire outfit. You should be aware that this fabric doesn’t have much elasticity. 

In addition to this, this gorgeous bridal gown from the 1940s features a low waist and is very traditional. While, the dress’ appliqué is visually very stunning.

Everything appears to be so delicate, making a wedding gown that is genuinely magnificent.

6. Vintage 1940s Dress With Pink Roses

With this vintage wedding dress, the first thing you will notice is the pink roses are in the center of the chest. It is a great way to hide the seams caused by the draped shoulder sleeves.

The roses add a femininity to the dress, while also making the dress look really thought through. 

The bodice is fitted, but the shirt flows beautifully from the bodice. Overall, if you wanted a really feminine 1940s dress, you should take inspiration from this one!

7. Eyelet Embroidered Dress

There is a lot of detail going on with this dress. From the short sleeves to the hem of this skirt, this dress is full of eyelet embroidery.

All of this embroidery creates a really beautiful dress which any bride would feel like a princess in. 

The skirt is gathered at the waist, which creates a beautiful shape on any body.

This skirt isn’t very long and will pass just below your knees. Hence, it would make a great wedding dress for a spring or summer wedding. 

8. 1940s Ivory Satin Wedding Gown With Train

This stunning wedding dress was manufactured around 1946 to 1951. It is fashioned from luxuriously heavy-weight ivory satin.

The dress has shoulder pads and a sweetheart neckline. The sleeves have extra-long cuffs, darts at the elbows, six tiny covered buttons, and fabric loops. 

The front and back of the garment have basque waist seams. Along with a side-covered metal zipper, the back of the dress has 26 tiny concealed buttons and fabric loops.

Additionally, this dress has a floor length skirt, which is longer in the back to create a dramatic train. Alongside the long train, from the waist down, you will see ruffles cascading down. 

A simple yet dramatic 1940s vintage wedding dress!

9. Ivory Collared Sheer Floral Wedding Dress

This lovely ivory vintage bridal gown is ankle-length. With long sleeves, a voluminous skirt, a cutaway collar, and a gathered V-shaped neckline.

So straightforward yet romantic. This dress is made completely from semi-sheer floral lace, therefore a slip is required underneath. 

Also, this dress also includes a removable belt. If a bride wants to be completely covered up, this dress is the ideal option. The long sleeves also make it ideal for a wedding in the fall or winter.

10. Full Length Hemmed Wedding Dress

Sometimes simplicity is better when it comes to wedding dresses. You can’t get any more simple than this one! 

This is a full-length wedding gown with a high neckline and a conventional princess line fit. Short sleeves are paired with a peter pan collar, but you could always turn the collar inward if you don’t wish to have it.

At the bust, there is a keyhole opening, adding a bit of femininity to this dress. While also making it more appealing to look at. 

11. Tulle And Lace Wedding Dress

With this type of dress, it was more popular in the latter half of the 1940s. It consists of lace and tulle that sits over a stain slip underneath (check out ‘What Is Tulle?’). The bodice and waist are gathered together to create a flattering silhouette. 

Just above the bust, you will notice delicate floral embroidery, which is repeated on the shirt just under the waist.

This embroidery is minimal, yet it still catches your eye, but doesn’t steal focus away from the bride. Also with this dress, you will notice it has a very short almost non-existent sleeve and a high neck. 

12. Silk Charmeuse Puff Sleeve Ivory Wedding Dress

This is a gorgeous and distinctive vintage ivory/off-white bridal gown from the 1940s.

It has a maxi length, a bias cut, and it fits the silhouette perfectly in all the right places. It has cushioned puff sleeves, a stitched collar, and matching stitching on the shoulders. 

Additionally, it contains unique features like pin tucks at the bust, pearl buttons, and a removable sash at the waist. It is incredibly luxurious to wear because it is made of rich charmeuse silk satin.

13. Sheer 1940s Wedding Gown

This vintage bridal dress, from the 1940s, is constructed of a thin, sheer fabric that feels like a rayon-nylon blend. White satin slips in an off-white color which has a slightly winter-white tint.

Long sleeves and illusion lace are fitted onto the top half of the dress.

On first appearance you may think this dress is off the shoulder, but then under closer inspection you will notice the sheer fabric around the neck and shoulders.

Finally, there is a long train on an A-line skirt. To secure this dress, there are back button-up fastenings.

Final Thoughts

The 1940s had their own style when it came to wedding dresses. This period can be split into two halves.

The first half consists of straight cut wedding gowns, and more detailed and fuller skirts come in as we reach the end of this decade. 

We hope you have enjoyed this article. We have shown you 13 perfect 1940s vintage wedding dresses that we know you will love.

You can take inspiration from all the dresses outlined above, to create the perfect 1940s vintage dress of your dreams for your big day.

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