22 Perfect Vintage Wedding Dresses You’ll Love

Congratulations, you have just gotten engaged! One of those most exciting things about planning a wedding is choosing the perfect dress. 

22 Perfect Vintage Wedding Dresses You'll Love

While you could go to a wedding boutique and try on modern dresses, there is something fun and exciting about wearing a vintage dress. Some of the questions that arise are ‘Who wore this before?’ and ‘What kind of wedding did they have?’

It is easy to imagine a feminine beauty in her 1940s gown, bouquet in hand and her Prince Charming waiting for her.

If you are looking to get married to your own Prince Charming soon, then you will want to wow them and your guests with the most beautiful vintage wedding gown.

Fortunately for you, we have 22 perfect vintage wedding dresses you’ll love right here. So, whether you find the perfect dress or become inspired, let’s take a step back in time. 

1. 1980s Puffed Sleeve Wedding Dress

What better place to start than in the 1980s. With puffed sleeves and over the top embellishments on the front of the dress, what more could you ask for from this decade?

It includes pearl buttons, lots (and lots) of sequins, silk rosettes and delightful beadwork. And the best part is that it has a fitted bodice with a slight flare to the skirt.

This means the puffed sleeves are the statement piece of this wedding dress. 

2. 1970s Vintage Lace Wedding Dress

This beautiful 1970s lace dress has a wide neckline that could potentially also be an off the shoulder, depending on your own measurements.

The sleeves have a bell shape at the end which gives it its wonderful vintage look. The lace has a floral pattern over it and scalloped edges.

3. 1970s French Boho Wedding Dress

If you are looking for something very different for your wedding day, then this 1970s French boho style wedding dress is exactly what you need.

It has a number of different materials such as crepe and velvet, along with crocheted areas too. It has a hidden side zip to get in and out of it easily.

The detailing on the velvet is beautiful.

4. Y2K Vintage Wedding Dress

This handmade wedding dress was made before the 2000s, and is far from understated despite its plain style.

It includes cami straps and a net and satin underskirt to give it extra layering. It also has a layered soft bodice.

At a waist of 24 inches, you do need to be very small to fit into it!

5. 1940s Cream Wedding Dress

A wedding dress doesn’t need to be white in color. This gorgeous 1940s wedding dress has rhinestones on the bodice area that stands out from the intricate lace detail.

It is a straight cut dress so will not hug the body, and you will need to buy a slip dress or another dress to wear underneath, as it is very see-through as-is.

Even so, it is absolutely wonderful, and includes a replacement modern zip.

6. 1990s Scott McClintock Wedding Dress

Short wedding dresses are all the rage at the moment, and this 1990s Scott McClintock has just that. It reaches to the mid-thigh area and has a tight bodycon style fit.

The overall pattern is beautiful, and the neckline with its applique pattern is beautifully finished. This dress also comes with a jacket so you can keep those arms warm at the reception.

7. 1990s Betsy And Adam Wedding Dress

This beautiful 1990s wedding dress has a wonderful off the shoulder design and fitted bodice. The lace detail is exquisite, with a lot going on on both the back and front.

It has a free-flowing skirt at the bottom too which gives the dress some movement. Also, this dress reaches the shins so will show off those shoes too.

8. 1940s Champagne Colored Wedding Dress

For those who want an elegant dress that was made for a vintage loving princess, then this is the one. It features a boned bodice along with a big, full skirt.

It has so much length to it and style, which is typical of the 1940s. The champagne color gives it a unique flare. 

The buckle broach at the top of the dress is said to be from the 1880s and was in fact a shoe buckle.

9. 1930s Vintage Satin Wedding Dress

This beautiful 1930s wedding dress doesn’t need a lot of embellishments to give it the wow factor. It has gathered sleeves at the shoulder, as well as a lace panel on the bodice area.

The train is absolutely beautiful and simple too.

10. 1960s Long Sleeves Wedding Dress

This maxi wedding dress is truly a magnificent 1960s find. It includes a lower neckline with lace detailing and buttons. 

It also includes a snap-on cape and a bow detail. You may need some high heels with this one!

11. 1980s Ritche Of Canada Wedding Dress

Who doesn’t love the 1980s when it comes to wedding dresses? More often than not they have puffed sleeves and lots and lots of fabric.

This dress is no different, and has an off the shoulder fit and sweetheart neckline. There are also rose bud details on the dress too.

12. 1960s Cream Lace Midi Wedding Dress

This 1960s midi wedding dress is perfect for those who do not want a long dress, and would like to show off their shoes. 

It has a cinched in waist detail to add shape, but also has lace covering everything, including the arms. There are button details up the back too.

13. 1980s Puffy Sleeved Satin Wedding Dress

This probably has to be our favorite 1980s wedding dress. Full of pearl bead detail, puffs of fabric and a long skirt, what is there not to like?

It also has a huge train and a wonderfully detailed bodice.

14. 1940s Mexican Wedding Dress

This traditional 1940s Mexican wedding dress is such a great find. It includes scalloped lace with a nipped in waist for a beautifully feminine silhouette. 

It also includes three quarter length sleeves with flowing ends for a pretty finish. 

15. 1950s Full Skirt Short Wedding Dress

This dress has the typical 1950s silhouette that the era is so famous for when it comes to fashion. 

This dress is shorter than most, but has a puffed out mesh skirt and a detailed waist. It could also be used as a prom dress too.

16. 1980s Plus-Size Fishtail Wedding Dress

While we are used to puffy sleeves, this 1980s dress takes on the fishtail trend. Made of satin, it has spaghetti strap sleeves and a wonderful lace detail.

17. 1970s Bohemian Wedding Dress

For a vintage dress that is similar to the modern wedding dresses that are popular at the moment, this 1970s dress is absolutely beautiful.

It has a relaxed fit with a wrap at the front to create shape, as well as flowing sleeves. 

18. 1970s Floral Wedding Dress

This beautiful 1970s floor length dress has a flower applique detail on the bodice that becomes less and less as it reaches the skirt.

There is also a bow detail at the back. Wonderful!

19. 1800s Rare Wedding Dress

If you want to go really vintage, why not check out this 1800s era wedding dress. While delicate looking, as well as being considered an antique, it would make a memorable dress for the big day.

20. 1960s Maxi Wedding Dress

This floor length 1960s wedding dress is understated, yet has wonderful detail on the upper half. It has a zipper fastening on the back, along with beading detail. 

It would also suit a party or other event, so you can wear it often!

21. 1940s Ivory Button Up Wedding Dress

This beautiful and delicate looking 1940s wedding dress truly is a rare find. It features a button up detail at the front and a big, long, flowing skirt.

The dress is completely lined. The only area that isn’t is the sleeves and upper chest area. While it does have the dd microtear – it is well over 50 years old – they aren’t noticeable.

22. 1980s Demetrios Ivory Wedding Dress

For those who are looking for lots of glam and bling at their wedding in a pre-2000s style, then this dress is it.

It has an over the top beaded bodice that suits this decade down to a T. It also has light boning so will not restrict the body too much, and a small train which shouldn’t get in your way.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of gorgeous vintage wedding dresses that span all the way back to the 1800s. While you might not wear such a delicate piece, who knows, you might just be inspired by the overall design?

Vintage wedding dresses are all the rage right now, and the fashion statement is looking to stay. However, a classic wedding dress also makes a statement. 

There is something ethical about rewearing something, rather than buying it new to be worn only once – and then what? 

Even if the latter is not the reason you are buying a vintage wedding dress, wearing one has its own magic. 

Willa Price

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