What Shoes To Wear With Black Dress To Look Your Best

A black dress is a wardrobe staple and most women have more than one in their collection. They are versatile and suitable for a range of different occasions but one question that is frequently asked is what shoes to wear with black dresses. 

What Shoes To Wear With Black Dress To Look Your Best

We take a look at the different styles and colors that you can wear with a black dress for various occasions. The time of year and weather will also be considerations. Most importantly however is matching the shoes to your own personal style. 

How To Choose The Right Shoes For A Black Dress

So, you have chosen a black dress to wear, but now you need to find the right shoes to go with it. The things to take into account before choosing are the occasion, the weather as well as your own style and preferences. 

What’s The Occasion?

If you are attending a formal event then more often than not you will choose to wear heels with your black dress. For a more casual occasion flat shoes or sneakers may be a more comfortable choice. 

The color you choose for the shoes will also depend on the occasion. A funeral is not the place to wear bright colored shoes with a black dress. Black is a sign of mourning and respect, so garish colors are not an option. 

A formal dinner or event will let you have more options in terms of color or style but consider the type of event. For a party choose your favorite colorful or metallic heels to contrast your black dress. 

Wearing a black dress to the office and finding shoes to match will depend on how formal or casual your office environment is. 

Matching the style and color of your shoes appropriately to the occasion will ensure that you show off your black dress at its best. 

Time Of Year & Weather

The time of year and the associated weather will have an influence on your choice of footwear to go with your black dress. This is particularly relevant if you are going to be spending an amount of time outside. 

In hot weather, boots will not be the best choice to pair with a black dress as your feet will get too hot. On the other hand in cold weather a pair of shoes that you can wear with pantyhose is a good idea to keep your legs and feet warm. 

Consider Your Style

Taking into consideration the occasion, time of year and weather you will also want to choose a pair of shoes that reflect your own style. 

If you feel more comfortable in classic heels then that is what you should wear. For those who like to be on trend something a bit more fashionable will suit them. 

What Shoes Work Best With A Black Dress?

With so much choice it can be difficult to choose the right shoes to wear with a black dress. The style of dress will also have an impact on the kind of shoes that you wear and how they will complement your outfit. 


There are many variations of heels such as stiletto, wedge, block and kitten to mention just a few. Deciding which one to choose depends on the style of your dress, the length and how comfortable you are in the different styles of heel. 

Stiletto Heels

Stiletto heels will always be a good choice. They elongate your legs and accentuate your curves. The added height is often a welcome benefit too. If you are off to a glamorous party or going out for cocktails this style of shoe is a must. 

They will also look great at a wedding reception or gala. In fact there is hardly an event that calls for a black dress where stiletto heels won’t look amazing. Whether you are wearing pumps or strappy sandals these heels will rock. 

Wedge Heels

Wedge heels are great if you want that extra height but not necessarily the slim heels of a stiletto. They are very comfortable and will suit a formal occasion as well as a more casual event depending on the style and color of the wedge heel. 

The height of the wedge heel can also determine how formal or casual they are with lower wedges more casual than higher versions. 

Block Heels

These heels will not just give you a bit of extra height and elongate your legs but will be very comfortable to wear.

They’re also a little safer than stilettos for walking over uneven ground if you’re going to be outside as they distribute the weight more evenly. 

You can wear this style with a black dress for any event, a party, formal event, or even at the office. 

Kitten Heels

A kitten heel is one of the most chic styles of heel that you can wear with a black dress. They are perfect for formal and casual occasions. Kitten heels give you that little bit of height with a large dose of femininity to help you feel your best whatever the occasion. 

They will add style to your outfit without going too overboard, presenting a more polished and refined look. 

Other Shoe Styles

For styles of shoes to wear with a black dress other than heels you can choose between ankle boots, knee-high boots, sandals or sneakers. 

The style that lends itself best to the occasion and how comfortable you feel in them will help you choose the perfect shoes for a black dress. 

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are a fantastic choice for a casual occasion to match with a black dress. They give your legs that elongated look but with a sassier vibe. These are a good choice for chiller weather where your feet need a bit more protection. 

For casual events or for a laid back office look a pair of patterned ankle boots with a black dress is a fun and interesting outfit. 

Knee High Boots

A black dress with knee high boots can look very sophisticated with the right combination and in the right circumstances. They can create an elegant evening outfit or a more casual ensemble. 

For winter occasions a pair of knee high boots paired with a black dress will look great and keep you warm as well. 


For the ultimate casual look, pair your favorite sneakers with a black dress. This is a nice combination in the warmer months and for a laid back event or fun occasion.

You can either pick a pair of plain sneakers in white or black or a metallic or patterned pair for a jazzier look. A little black dress and sneakers is a very cute look and is perfect for lunch dates. 

Flat Sandals

To complement a black dress in the summer a pair of quality flat sandals is a good choice. They will keep your feet cool and be very comfortable to wear. 

You can either pick a pair of slip on sandals or something a bit dressier. Alternatively for a Bohemian look choose a pair of gladiator sandals. 

Best Color Shoes For Black Dress

When you have decided on a shoe style for your black dress you’ll need to think about the color of the shoes.

Again the occasion will be a good indicator of what color is best but in some cases, such as a party, you can choose whatever color you feel like wearing. 

The time of year will also play a part with brighter colors being more summery and darker tones more for fall and winter. But there are no set rules so always pay attention to your own personal preference and style. 


For the ultimate neutral color to wear with a black dress this nude shade will be as discreet as you want. This shade will work with any color of dress and is a very flattering color for any skin coloring. 

The shade of nude will depend on your own skin tone. The term nude is generally taken to mean anything that blends into your natural color and does not stand out.

If you are having a hard time choosing a color to wear with a black dress, nude works every time. 


Natural color shoes are typically a light beige color and are a good neutral choice for a black dress. Most women will have a pair of shoes that match any color dress or skirt as a wardrobe essential and this is usually a natural color. 

A natural shade will not draw any attention to your shoes and keep the focus on your dress. 


Another great neutral color for shoes to wear with a black dress is cream. It is a shade that works well with most tones and color of dress or skirt, being subtle and inconspicuous. This color works best in sandals, heels and pumps but not necessarily in boots.

If you want people to notice your dress rather than your shoes then a neutral cream color is a good option 


Black shoes with a black dress is a look that will never go out of style. It is chic, elegant and sophisticated. Mix the textures up with a patent sandal, velvet ankle boot or reptile pattern pumps.

This helps to keep your outfit from looking bland or uninteresting. 


Add a bit of drama to your outfit with a pair of metallic shoes to contrast your black dress. You could choose a traditional silver, gold or be adventurous and pick a bright color if the occasion allows.

The difference in color and texture will make sure your outfit is not boring. Rose gold is actually a kind of neutral color, so you can mix a metallic look with this pared down shade. 


White shoes are a great choice for a summer event to pair with your black dress. They will make a nice contrast. If you are wary of wearing bright white shoes then choose a light cream or ivory instead. 


If you’d rather not have plain shoes to wear with your black dress then you can choose a patterned pair to keep things interesting. It will also add some texture to your outfit. You can choose a floral pattern for spring or summer or animal print for fall or winter. 


Clear PVC shoes are a good choice if you really can’t decide which color to select. The beauty of these is that you can wear any color whatsoever with them. However they are not suitable for every occasion such as a formal event or funeral. 


Brown may not be an obvious choice of shoe color to wear with a black dress, but it can work really well. For a casual event a pair of brown shoes or ankle boots can give your outfit a Bohemian vibe.

However, it’s not really a suitable combination for a more formal look. 

Final Thoughts

With so many styles of shoes to choose from and all the colors that are available it can seem a bit overwhelming to choose the right pair to wear with a black dress.

But with the help of our guide and some forethought we’re sure you’ll select the right shoes and look fantastic. We hope you have enjoyed our guide on what shoes to wear with a black dress and that it has been helpful for you. 

Willa Price

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