10 Stunning Floral Dresses You’ll Love

Whether you are currently in winter and wanting to get a head start or are currently in spring and need to prepare for the winter months, floral dresses are a must for your closet.

No matter your style, no one can resist a gorgeous floral dress throughout the warmer months.

10 Stunning Floral Dresses You'll Love

Although modern variations of floral dresses cater to many sensibilities, they are innately feminine.

Consider easy slips that suit simple or uncomplicated tastes, pretty midis that exude sophistication for the workplace or an event, and statement-making blooms that cover enormous designs.

Of course, gorgeous accents with sweetness, such as a corseted bodice, a meadowy design, or a frilled neckline, are a perfect fit for people who have a penchant for romanticism.

Regardless of your style, we have 10 stunning floral dresses you’ll love. Check them out below!

1. Skinny Strap Dress

If you wear a floral dress with skinny straps, you will effortlessly look retro. An empire waist will effortlessly float with a cooling effect on the hottest days. Choose a sweetheart neckline or a corseted bodice to make the outfit incredibly feminine.

Perfect for every occasion, the skinny strap floral dress is a staple for every closet. They are extremely popular throughout the summer months and as the temperature drops you can add a layer by adding a long sleeve top underneath.

If wearing in fall you may want to add a cozy sweater or cardigan to keep you warm.Pair with sneakers, wedges, or a stiletto for whatever occasion you are attending. These dresses are dainty and utterly perfect for a romantic picnic date or even a family summer wedding.

2. Bold Print Dresses

While all floral dresses are printed, some are bolder than others. The bold print dressers are for those with a more daring taste. Whether they are simplistic in nature or extremely detailed, the bolder the print, the bolder the statement.

These dresses are perfect for that final night on vacation when you really want to pack a punch. Or if you just enjoy having all eyes on you then a bold print is sure to do the trick.

You can take your bold print dress a step further with an incredible cut. Whether you prefer a classic halter style, intricate cut outs, or even a sensual slit up the thigh, you are sure to make an entrance when wearing a bold print floral dress.

3. Puff Sleeve Floral Dresses

Stay on trend with a puff sleeved floral dress. Reminiscent of the 1970’s and 2010’s with the cottage core style dresses (for more, see our post ’15 Amazing Vintage Cottage Core Dresses To Enhance Your Wardrobe’). These dresses come in maxi, midi, and even mini lengths making them versatile and utterly classic.

Try out a drop waist or even a more corset style bodice to accentuate your curves and show off your feminine features. Pair with a simple sneaker or a wrap sitellto for a timeless look that you can wear to any occasion.

These dresses are especially great for brunches and dinners where the flared waist allows for bloating while still remaining shapely.

With a range of necklines and sleeve lengths, the puff sleeve floral dress is perfect bringing attention to your favorite features while obscuring your insecurities.

The skirt and sleeves bring an air of wispyness that can often be missed by the harsh print of floral dresses.

4. Mini Floral Dresses

The mini dress is loved and hated by everyone. Whether they show too much skin or not enough, they are utterly stunning.

Mini floral dresses are a staple for any summer closet. As the heat begins to settle in you will be gasping for as little clothing as publicly allowed.

A mini floral dress allows you to feel free while keeping things under cover. Keep things classy for the office by wearing short sleeves. How about a bow-tie top, flowy shoulders, or voluminous tiers for joyful events like a wedding or cocktail hour?

Whatever the occasion you are sure to find a floral mini dress appropriate. It will also make you feel womanly and powerful. Especially when paired with a cute pair of heels and bag.

5. Floral Wrap Dresses

The wrap dress was originally created in the 1930’s and was quickly loved by women of all shapes and sizes in the 1940’s. The flattering shape of the dress has been loved by women for decades and is still a popular style of dress today.

The wrap dress has an incredible way of flattering a woman’s curves by cinching the waist, accentuating the bust and hips before flaring out throughout the length. They are also extremely comfortable to wear throughout the day and into the evening.

A floral wrap dress is the perfect way to add a little color and print to your traditional wrap dress while still remaining simple and elegant. Paired with sneakers or a pair of your favorite wedges you can really switch up the style of your wrap dress within a few moments.

6. Off The Shoulder Floral Dresses

Off the shoulder dresses or bardot dresses originated in the 1950’s along with the pin up style and rockabilly movement. It was iconic for its fitted waist with an incredible flared skirt. However, the traditional off the shoulder dress of the pin up style often had a polka dot print.

Today, the bardot dress can be found in a fountain of prints. Especially floral. They are more so reserved for events such as weddings with a more structured fit and longer skirt length.

Although, you can easily find bardot style dresses that are more casual. Add a small slit and a longer hemline for a more casual, vacation look. Perfectly paired with sandals, sunglasses, and of course a large sun hat.

You may also find bardot dresses with an a-line skirt. These can be worn to numerous occasions including into the office.

7. Peasant Floral Dress

A common loose dress with long or short loose sleeves is called a peasant dress. The top neckline is gathered or elasticized with a drawstring effect, and the sleeves are typically raglan. For a breezy style, the neckline can hang off the shoulders.

The peasant dress was popular in the 1920’s and became popular again in the 60’s and 70’s. This is due to their bohemian look and ability to make anyone look feminine and dainty. Especially when produced in a floral print.

Often in soft colors, the peasant dress is simple to style. With a pair of strappy sandals and a small clutch bag.

You can easily add your own twist to a peasant floral dress. Make it more 2010 inspired with a crafty flower crown and a pair of lace up sandals.

8. Peplum Dress

The peplum cut of clothes was originally inspired by the fashion of ancient Greece. However, in the Western world, it didn’t become popular until the 1980’s and since has floated in and out of fashion.

Most of us will remember the surge of peplum style clothing in the 2010’s. Now, you either love it or you hate it but it is always worth considering.

The peplum dress features a pencil style skirt, a fitted bodice with a flared layer of material at the waist. Perfect for those wanting to create the illusion of curves or are wanting to accentuate their natural shape.

The peplum dress is the perfect mix between sophisticated and relaxed and the pencil skirt keeps things structured with the peplum layer adding some fun.

A floral print makes a peplum dress even more fun and exciting to wear than solid colors.

9. Slip Floral Dress

The slip dress was inspired by the old-fashioned petticoat that was worn and was extremely popular in the 90’s. They were often worn under sheer dresses or on their own as part of the underwear as outerwear trend.

Today the trend is back. Only with a modern touch, Slip dresses can be loose and relaxed or feature a more structured body and often sport a cow neck neckline. Perfect for someone wanting to show off their bust.

A floral slip dress is extremely popular in all fits, necklines and hemlines. Keep it casual with a basic t-shirt underneath or add heels for a more date night outfit.

10. Floral Sundress

The sundress is a summer-appropriate, flowy, strappy dress. The sundress is typically fitted more closely at the waist and features tiny spaghetti straps that fasten on the shoulders. The skirt is frequently loose and constructed of lovely flowery fabrics.

Essentially a floral sundress is crucial for any summer wardrobe.

Final Thoughts

Floral dresses are the perfect way to add a pop of color and fun to your outfit without being overbearing.From the classic skinny strap dress to a more figure hugging wrap dress, floral dresses are great for every occasion over the summer.

You can even style your floral peplum dress to show off your figure at the office while still remaining appropriate.Style your floral dress to really show off your personality.We have 10 stunning floral dresses that you will love, check them out above!

Willa Price