10 Stunning Vintage Spring Looks

The opportunity to wear spring outfits can pass very quickly so it’s important to take full advantage of the forecast at the first chance you get. Below we will be showing you some of the hottest latest spring trends with something for everyone. 

10 Stunning Vintage Spring Looks

Many of us are in love with the classic prints, and cuts of the 50’s. 60’s 70’s and so on. Whether you love the minimalist look to those who crave the stand out 80’s prints and bright colors. 

If you’re wondering how to mix your wardrobe staples with the moment trends this spring then you’ve come to the right place.

1. Corsets 

They do say what goes around comes back around at some point. The lingerie inspired look is no exception to this! This look is right on trend at the moment should be at the top of your shopping list this spring!  

This vintage look with new modern twists are a popular option with these new versions including bold patterns, puff sleeves and underwired busts. 

Corsets are a great spring choice due to their versatility, they can be paired with a nice pair of vintage jeans and boots for a casual day to day wear or pair it with a cute mini skirt and a pair of heels for a trendy evening look.  

2. Oversized Blazers 

Oversized blazers are the trend that never seems to go out of fashion regardless of how many new trends appear over the years and nor do we want them too! 

The 80s silhouettes featuring the oversized shape and padded shoulders are too versatile to ever let go of. 

Oversized blazers are the hottest thing in fashion right now. If a blazer isn’t oversized, it’s not a blazer. Also, blazers are stylish year-round, so you’ll want one in every color. They can especially be nice in spring because there is still a bit of a chill but some sunshine too! 

These can be worn many ways and dressed up or dressed down, oversized blazers look great with a pair of jeans or over a dress with heels. 

3. Vintage Dresses

10 Stunning Vintage Spring Looks

When trying to achieve that perfect vintage look vintage dresses are one of the best options. Not only are they easy to style but fabulously elegant. 

You may think gypsy or retro trousers look too modern and don’t fit your desired look. For the true vintage look, a knee length or foot length dress may suit this better. 

Vintage dresses mostly consist of sweetheart and halter neck necklines however there are many types so you shouldnt have a problem finding a dress to suit your shoulder shape. 

When it comes to lace, more is better if you’re going or the true vintage style! Lace is a very luxurious fabric and is common within the vintage style. Lace can be added in many ways for example, the neckline, cuffs, hemlines and even a full blouse. 

Generally, when choosing lace to add we recommend choosing one that is a close color match to the garment. However, this rule does not apply if you are going for the vintage rockabilly look! 

This 50’s style includes bold colors and various patterns for example polka dots and tartan. The most common colors used during the 1950’s were red, black, white, yellow and blue. 

4. Distressed Leather Jackets

In recent years the entire distressed fashion trend has resurfaced and become very popular, celebrities, models and influencers are now rocking this look daily. 

Recently Prada has put distressed leather jackets  back on their runways. Lived in leather is now available in most high street stores like Zara. 

Old school vintage jackets offer the same look from years of wear and tear. Distressed leather jackets are very versatile , for the perfect spring look one could be paired with a cute spring dress and platforms. 

5. Platforms

Currently, all things Y2K and late 90s are trending hard! Chunky platforms are back and are officially the “it” shoe. Recently luxury brand Valentino is putting a new spin on the lifted look.

These can be paired with all different types of outfits therefore are a versatile shoe. Platform shoes are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Stylish and comfortable, they can be worn with a variety of outfits.

Platform shoes are the most comfortable footwear you can wear. These shoes are perfect for any occasion and are considered to be the ultimate in fashion footwear back in the day and in modern times as well. 

6. Elegant Knee Length Skirt

Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, knee length puffy skirts were all the range! You may have heard your mothers or aunts saying how much they adored puffy, elegant knee length skirts. 

These skirts create the perfect vintage look, to achieve your desired look you could pair the skirt with a contrasting color top or an animal print top which is tucked into the skirt. 

A knee length skirt is a great choice for summer, whether you’re going out or simply running errands. This skirt is perfect for a casual outfit. Kimono style knee length skirts are a great way to show off your legs. This style is especially flattering on curvy women.

7. Chain Belts

10 Stunning Vintage Spring Looks

There is perhaps no single accessory that transforms an outfit like a chain belt. The chain belt has never gone out of fashion as such but it is now much more popular than ever before.

This is due to their ability to jazz up any outfit from a pair of jeans to a spring dress. 

Chain belts are an old-fashioned way to spice up a winter outfit, and they’re easy to make: just whip up a set of chains in wire or leather. The chain belt is one of the most popular types of belt in the world.

It is immensely popular among women. They are also a great accessory for men, especially if they have a taste for elegance. 

8. Swing Skirt 

A short, flared skirt made of fabric that is draped and swung by the wearer. This style originated in the West Indies in the mid- to late 19th century, when women wore skirts with a full train as an alternative to a petticoat.

Swing skirt, also known as a flapper skirt, is a style of skirt that was popular in the 1920s. They have since been featured in movies, television shows, books, and more. Swing skirts are fun, unique and a good vintage Spring look. 

9. Vintage Style Flare Dress 

Vintage style Flare dress is one of the most fascinating kinds of clothes that are in trend these days. The gorgeous dresses are generally designed in a vintage style with a huge variety of different colors. 

Vintage style Flare dress is a very beautiful, simple and easy to wear formal dress. This dress is perfect for any party or event. You will look stunning and elegant while wearing this.

10. Vintage Denim Jumpsuit 

A classic jumpsuit that is sure to get you some compliments. Featuring an off the shoulder neckline and a flirty bell sleeve, you will be sure to look fresh and stylish.

Vintage denim jumpsuit is the name of a style of clothing worn in the 1930s and 1940s. The look is popular in the fashion industry, but it is also the name of a DIY style of clothing too! You can mix and match different accessories for a lush Spring look! 

Unique Vintage 

Unique vintage is a site which offers a wide range of different modern vintage styles to add to your wardrobe. They follow all of the New trends which people love, and have something new but old to offer! 


Overall, when it comes to choosing an outfit, you want it to be very you and make you feel good about yourself. Vintage styles are very simple but have a huge effect on how you feel in that clothing.

There are a huge amount of different options of styles and trends which are still popular for a lot of people to this day where they have taken inspiration and made it modern. 

Hopefully this guide has given you some really great options to take inspiration from and help you to create your own vintage look.

There is a really good site which includes a variety of different vintage clothing items for sale which might also be of help for finding more of those vintage items you can actually buy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Dress In A Vintage Style?

Vintage style is very popular lately, and it seems like everyone is making one of their homes look like it came straight out of the 50’s and some of their clothing too.

People like the simplicity and perfection of the clothing and the comfort. It also is hard to resist looking a little unique at the same time. 

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