10 Stylish Bachelorette Party Outfits To Add To Your Closet

Everybody loves a wedding and choosing the right outfit for a wedding can take months of searching.

However, before you get to the wedding, you need to deal with the bachelorette party and this means finding yet another perfect outfit!

Thankfully, bachelorette parties are meant to be fun and less formal than weddings so you can cut a little looser with your fashion choices.

That doesn’t mean that finding the ideal stylish outfit to wear is any easier!

When you’re already spending so much time finding the ideal wedding outfit, who wants to add searching for a bachelorette party outfit to your list of tasks as well?

That’s why we’ve created this article with 10 stylish bachelorette party outfits to add to your closet.

Whether you have a bachelorette party on the calendar already or you’re just looking to be prepared for when an invitation inevitably arrives, we have an outfit for you.

Let’s get started!

What Should I Wear To A Bachelorette Party?

Before we begin to suggest specific outfits, let’s look at some general guidelines and ideas.

These will help you find the perfect outfit for you if our specific choices don’t work out!

The main factor you need to consider is what type of bachelorette party you’re going to and where it is.

10 Stylish Bachelorette Party Outfits To Add To Your Closet

We’re going to divide them into five main categories and you should be able to find one that fits your party.

Wild And Crazy Parties

If you’re lucky enough to be going to a party town like Las Vegas for the bachelorette party then you will have the widest range of options available to you.

You can choose virtually anything for this type of party!

Las Vegas has mild winters so you don’t even need to worry about getting cold if the party is during those months.

We recommend going as glamorous as you can for these wild and crazy locations.

Consider sparkling sequin dresses with short hemlines and pair them with some high heels.

Beach Parties

If the bachelorette party is themed around a beach, then you will want to wear something that reflects this setting.

Beach nights are usually more casual than you’ll find in places like Las Vegas and have a calmer vibe.

Beach bachelorette parties are best served by flowing dresses, such as maxi dresses or wrap dresses.

These match the relaxed atmosphere of the beach but are still dressy enough for a party.

Wine Country

Many bachelorette parties like to get away from the city and the beach and head into the wine country instead.

Places like Napa Valley are great locations as you can not only learn about wine during the day, but you can put that knowledge into practice at night by drinking it all!

This setting leans towards a more casual look than many other bachelorette parties do.

You can definitely get away with more casual clothing here.

Outfits such as slacks and a blouse are suitable, and you can even wear a pair of dressy jeans. 

Team your jeans with a nice tank top and a stylish jacket.


One of the most common and popular locations for a bachelorette party is the big city. Many parties head into the city to bar hop and dance the night away.

Glamor and style are key in the big city but that doesn’t mean that you have to go overboard with your fashion choice.

You can keep things simple and still look amazing!

For city parties, you can’t go wrong with the classic little black dress.

Add some heels and accessories and you’re ready to party the night away!

General Outfits

Although we’ve spoken about some specific circumstances and what is most suitable for each of these, some outfits will work out for virtually any circumstance.

Any classy bar, club, or restaurant will suit a cocktail dress or bodycon dress.

If you’re not comfortable with these types of outfits or want to wear something a little different, then you can wear a dressy jumpsuit instead.

10 Stylish Bachelorette Party Outfits To Add To Your Closet

Now that we’ve spoken generally about the best outfits, let’s look at some specific choices!

All of these would be great choices for a bachelorette party.


We love the cut of this sequin dress! It hugs in all of the right places and has a neckline that draws attention without being too low and scandalous.

It’s available in more colors than we can list as well so whatever your favorite color is, you’re sure to find something for you.

Wear this dress to a wild party or a classy bar. You can match it with some high heels and a plain clutch bag.

You don’t need flashy accessories as the dress is a statement on its own.


This maxi dress is available in several different bold colors but we prefer the versions with colorful prints for a beach bachelorette party.

The fitted waist and the flowy dress make it ideal for a party that is a little more relaxed but is still semi-formal.

This dress is best paired with sandals and wedges. You can wear comfortable shoes with a maxi dress and leave the heels at home.


Although this is a wrap dress it has several different features that make it suitable for virtually any occasion.

We love wrap styles for more casual parties such as beach parties and wine country parties, but the velvet material also makes it classy enough for a big city party.

The asymmetric skirt is stunning and this dress is sure to make a statement!

Pair the dress with some killer heels, a simple clutch bag, and a pretty necklace.

The neckline is pretty low so you will want a necklace to break up the patch of skin.


Every girl needs a little black dress in her closet! We absolutely love the classic cut of this dress.

It has a knee-length pencil-style skirt which ensures it gives you an elegant and sexy shape. 

Although the dress is available in other colors, we think it’s the black that really shines.

If you’re working on a budget, this is a dress that can be easily repurposed into office wear or used for other occasions.

We recommend wearing this dress with some black heels. You can also dress it up a little with a nice brooch (see also 'How To Wear A Brooch').


Bodycon dresses are not for everyone.

They’re very fitted and show your body shape in a way that many dresses don’t, making them a little too revealing for those that are body conscious. 

If you’re brave enough to wear a bodycon dress though, they can be very comfortable (they stretch!) and sexy.

You have a variety of bright colors to choose from with this dress.

This is another dress that needs to be matched with some heels and a clutch.


Opt for a slightly more casual look with some classy slacks.

These are available in a variety of neutral colors so you pair them with a top of virtually any color.

Slacks look great with blouses and heels.


Who says blouses are just for the office?

This blouse has mesh sleeves and a solid body and is dressy enough for a bachelorette party.

The blouse looks great when tucked into some slacks or dressy jeans. You can leave it untucked as well if you wish. 


When it comes to jeans that are suitable for a bachelorette party, we recommend opting for skinny jeans in colors other than the typical light blue.

Jeans are great for casual parties and will keep you comfortable all night.

You can choose many different shoes for jeans. We love heels, but sandals and wedges will also be suitable.


Blazers are not just for suits! This blazer from Calvin Klein will pull together several different outfits and is available in several different neutral colors.

This blazer is especially suitable for slacks and jeans. The shorter length means that it will also match some dresses as well!


We love jumpsuits and are happy to recommend them for as many situations as possible!

They’re always comfortable and depending on the fit and cut, can be either casual or sexy.

The wide cut of the legs and arms on this jumpsuit makes it classy enough for most bachelorette parties and we love the belt around the waist.

It’s available in several different colors so don’t be afraid to choose some color. Add some heels and a clutch bag to finish the outfit.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we listed 10 stylish bachelorette party outfits to add to your closet (see also '10 Stylish All White Party Outfits To Add To Your Closet').

Bachelorette parties are a chance for the bride-to-be and her friends to have one last party together before she settles down into marriage. 

They’re fun nights full of celebrations and happiness and you will want to choose the right outfit.

Willa Price

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