10 Stylish Club Outfits For Women To Add To Your Closet

10 Stylish Club Outfits For Women To Add To Your Closet

Finding that perfect outfit can sometimes be a chore as finding the right balance between style and comfort isn’t always easy. 

You don’t want to look too formal but if you look too casual you may be denied entry or won’t fit in.

That’s why we’ve written this article and have picked 10 stylish club outfits for women to add to their closets. 

How To Choose A Stylish Outfit For A Club

If you’re looking for a stylish outfit for a night in a club, there are a few general suggestions and tips that you should keep in mind.

We will list some specific recommendations later but we will begin with some more general suggestions so you can also pick your own outfits! 

Dress Codes

Thankfully, the vast majority of nightclubs don’t have strict dress codes anymore.

There may still be some lingering rules against casual wear such as sweatpants or sneakers, however, so as long as you’re wearing something special and stylish you shouldn’t have a problem!

You should treat a night at a club as an excuse to dress in a way that you can’t on a regular day.

Although you should choose an outfit you feel comfortable in, comfort shouldn’t be the keyword of your outfit.

Instead, focus on glamor, style, and turning heads!

Check The Vibes Of The Club

If you’re going to a new club for the first time, however, you may want to research it first.

Some clubs have more casual vibes than others and you will want to match the atmosphere and style. 

If everyone else is wearing casual outfits such as slacks and a blouse and you arrive in a sparkly, bodycon dress, you may feel a little self-conscious!

Clubs in big cities that are purely dedicated to dancing usually require a more glamorous style.

Other clubs that have outdoor lounges or a higher ratio of bar space to dancefloor space might be more casual.

Most clubs have social media accounts so don’t hesitate to take a look and see what their usual clientele wear.


No matter what the temperature is outside, the temperature in the club will likely be warm.

Whether there’s snow on the ground or you’ve spent the day lounging in a swimsuit, the club will be warm enough for sexy dresses and bare skin.

However, you will still need to consider your journey to and from the club. This is especially the case if you’re going to be bar and club hopping.

Although you may be tempted to brave the cold outdoors in just a thin dress, we don’t recommend it!

Layer up, opt for a warm coat, and take advantage of the cloakrooms that most clubs have on offer.


One of the most important parts of a stylish club outfit is your shoes.

The right pair of shoes can elevate an outfit to look even better and the wrong pair of shoes will make even the most gorgeous dress look terrible.

Shoes are even more important, however, when it comes to your comfort level.

Although clubs usually have some seating, you can’t guarantee that you will be able to find a seat. 

This means that you may be on your feet for several hours and if your shoes aren’t comfortable, this can become very painful!

The standard shoes for clubbing are high heels but you don’t have to wear these if they don’t suit your feet.

More comfortable, but still stylish, options include wedge sandals and boots.

If you do decide to wear other types of shoes, you should keep these in mind while you choose your club outfit to ensure that they match.

10 Stylish Club Outfits For Women To Add To Your Closet

Now let’s look at our favorite 10 stylish club outfits for women.


Our first choice is this gorgeous dress. It has long sleeves and a deep V-neck neckline so make sure you add your favorite necklace to this outfit!

We love the skirt on this dress and how layered and asymmetrical it is.

It has several layers and will flare as you dance, ensuring that you’ll turn heads on the dancefloor.

It’s all held together by a belt at the center of the dress.


Bodycon dresses are a favorite of ours as they’re unbelievably comfortable.

They have a little stretch to them which makes them great for moving around in, something that is essential for a night at a club!

This bodycon dress looks like it’s two separates but it is in fact a dress.

It tucks at the front to flash some stomach and has an asymmetrical skirt that bunches around your thighs.


Next is another bodycon dress that is perfect for anyone that likes to show some leg without having a deep neckline.

The dress has long sleeves and a crew neck so you’re completely covered on the chest and back.

However, the dress is still sexy and stylish due to how it fits and the shortness of the skirt.

It has drawstrings at the side so you can adjust the length of the skirt to your liking.


We love one-shoulder dresses! They always look stylish and elegant and are perfect for the dance floor (see also '10 Stylish Country Club Outfits To Add To Your Closet').

This dress balances out the bare shoulder by having the other sleeve as a full-length and puffy sleeve.

The rest of the dress is pretty simple and the skirt reaches mid-thigh.

Match the skirt with some killer heels and a clutch purse for the finishing touches.


This is a very classic style for a club outfit. The dress has spaghetti straps with a V-neck line and hugs the body with a flattering line.

The hem of the skirt is asymmetric due to the way the fabric folds and this makes the dress a stylish step up from some other basic styles.

There are so many different colors to choose from and you can go as bright as you dare!


Dresses covered in sparkly sequins are great for dance floors!

They catch all of the lights of the club and are sure to turn the heads of everyone in the area.

This stress has thick shoulder straps and a scalloped V-neck that isn’t as daring as it first looks.

The dress has a wraparound effect and is available in many beautiful colors.

We especially love the available metallic colors!


This is our second sparkly and glittery dress in a row.

It has a simpler style than the previous option so if you want something that is more classic but still glitters, then this dress is a great option.

With a sequined dress such as this, you don’t need much in the way of accessories.

Keep it simple with some black heels and a plain clutch bag.


If dresses aren’t your style or you just want to wear something different, then rompers and jumpsuits are great choices.

These are just as stylish and elegant as any dress while also having a sense of fun.

This jumpsuit is just as sparkly as the last two dresses we picked. It has a deep V-neck and a belt at the waist to give more shape to the jumpsuit.

The wide legs will look amazing with some heels underneath!


This jumpsuit is more casual than the last choice and is ideal for a casual club.

It has short sleeves and is off the shoulder, giving it a relaxed and boho vibe.

The legs have cuffs at the end and this means that the jumpsuit will match virtually any pair of shoes you want to wear!


Our final outfit choice is perfect for more casual clubs where you’re likely to spend more time in the bar space as you are on the dancefloor.

There are several different options but we like the black stripe option as it is elegant while remaining casual.

Match this blouse with some monochrome slacks or some classy, skinny jeans.

Add a clutch purse and wear the comfortable shoes of your choice.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we listed 10 stylish club outfits for women to add to their closets.

We introduced some general hints and suggestions regarding club outfits before picking some of our favorites. 

Clubs are perfect places for looking glamorous and sexy but don’t forget to pick an outfit that you also feel comfortable in!

You might be wearing it for several hours and will need plenty of room to dance.

Willa Price

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