10 Stylish Country Club Outfits To Add To Your Closet

Country club outfits are typically elegant and sophisticated, and they often feature classic designs and high-quality fabrics.

For men, a typical country club outfit might consist of a collared shirt, slacks, a blazer or sport jacket, and dress shoes. For women, a country club outfit might include a blouse, skirt or dress, and heels or dress shoes.

10 Stylish Country Club Outfits To Add To Your Closet

If you’re looking to add some country club outfits to your closet, there are a few key pieces that you should consider (see also ‘10 Stylish Club Outfits For Women To Add To Your Closet‘). A versatile dress or skirt in a classic cut is a must-have, as are a blouse and heels or dress shoes.

Overall, the key to a great country club outfit is to choose classic, timeless pieces that are made from high-quality materials.

Avoid trendy or flashy items, and focus on creating a look that is elegant, sophisticated, and appropriate for the setting. With the right clothing, you’ll be ready to impress at any country club or other upscale social event.

Join us as we take a look at 10 stylish country club outfits that you can add to your closet today.

What Is Country Club Attire?

Country club attire for women typically consists of elegant, sophisticated clothing that is appropriate for an upscale social setting.

This might include items such as dresses, skirts, blouses, heels, and other stylish and fashionable pieces. Country club attire should be tasteful and modest, and it should avoid revealing or overly casual clothing.

Some examples of country club fashion might include a knee-length black dress, paired with black heels and a statement necklace, or a white blouse, paired with a navy blue pencil skirt and black heels.

A floral-print sundress, paired with white heels and a wide-brimmed hat, is another perfect example of country club, preppy clothing.

In general, the key to a great country club outfit is to choose classic, timeless pieces that are made from high-quality materials, and to avoid overly trendy or flashy items.

Remember, country club outfits should be elegant, sophisticated, and appropriate for the setting. With the right clothing, you’ll be ready to impress at any country club or other upscale social event.

Stylish Country Club Outfits 

1. Preppy Layers

The more layers, the better, right? If you love to wear layers, you will love this preppy layered outfit. All you need is a sweater vest worn over a buttoned-down cotton shirt.

You can leave your legs bare thanks to the long shirt but wear scrunched white socks with penny loafers. This costume will transform you into a college girl, and you will look ready to study and, of course, party.

2. Polo Dress

Nothing says country club more than the classic polo dress. Wear one in a bright shade of white and you will look fresh and sophisticated.

Add some pieces of gold jewelry around your neck, wrists, and fingers, and you will be sporting one distinguished look. Best of all, this outfit is so simple and comfortable.

3.  Laid Back Sophistication

Yes, it is possible to wear more laid back clothing to country clubs but by this, we don’t mean your gym gear! An oversized shirt that is buttoned-down is a great look for any country club outfit.

Paired with white, long shorts, a top-handle handbag, and block-heel loafers, and the outfit will look timeless and truly elegant. 

4. Sweater Around The Shoulders

Think of a preppy style and the first thing that usually comes to most people’s minds is a sweater around the shoulders. This is a simple style trick that can transform even the blandest outfits into something exceptionally glamorous.

You can complete the look by choosing a cream color palette from head to toe. Whether you’re having lunch with friends or heading out for a shopping spree, this look will be perfect every time.

5. Sweater Vest And Mini Skirt

Is there a more classic combination than this? We don’t think so! If you can’t think of anything different to wear for an upcoming day out, simply pair a sweater vest with a mini skirt.

This duo is always a winner and will help you achieve the traditional country club aesthetic you desire. Throw in a structured shoulder bag and your outfit will have a more modern touch. 

6. Neutral Palette 

It may be evident by now but most country club outfits are made up of neutral shades. But, this just means it is easier for you to mix and match your favorite accessories and preppy fashion items.

One outfit you can try is a white shirt with shorts and a cream sweater on top. (We’re all about those layers). Finish the look with brown leather accessories, such as a handbag or leather loafers. 

7. Knit Knotted Sweater

You can channel your inner collegiate with a knit knotted sweater wrapped around your shoulders. Throw in a top-handle bag in your hands and you’re looking like you can take over the world.

Match the sweater with the shorts of same material and shade for the perfect color combination.

And, if you want to look like you mean business, put on a pair of sunglasses and even a darker toned graphic sweater underneath. You’ll ooze confidence and superiority in this outfit!

8. White Blouse, With A Navy Blue Pencil Skirt And Black Heels

Heading out for lunch at the country club or attending an upscale daytime event, this outfit will help you stand out every time.

Mix and match a white blouse with a skinny navy blue pencil skirt for a sophisticated, elegant appearance. Black heels will give the outfit a classy chic look, whatever the occasion.

9. Knee-Length Black Dress, With Black Heels And A Statement Necklace

If you have an evening engagement to attend, a knee length black dress will wow all attendees as you enter. This is a classic look that gives off an air of class and style.

Pair with black heels and a statement necklace to show you’re no one to be messed with. Best of all, this expensive look can be achieved on a budget, but no one needs to know that! 

10. Polo Shirt And Golf Shorts

To look like you belong in a country club, you need an outfit that tells people you play tennis or golf. Even if you don’t, you can wear this outfit to give that illusion! Avoid anything that is too loose or baggy, especially if you intend to play golf as this will interfere with your swing.

A comfortable, fitted polo or golf top and tailored or golf skirt is the best choice, and again, stick to neutral, muted colors with subtle to no patterns. You could even wear a golf visor or hat to complete the golfing aesthetic.

What To Avoid Wearing To A Country Club

It is generally best to avoid overly casual clothing at a country club. Some specific items to avoid may include ripped or distressed jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops.

Instead, opt for more formal or semi-formal attire such as slacks, a blouse, and a dress shirt, or a sundress. It is always a good idea to check with the country club beforehand to determine their specific dress code requirements.

Some country clubs have less formal, more casual dress codes, so you may get away with certain outfits. Some may not even have a dress code, but even then, there are some clothing items you should stay clear of, such as:

  • Tank tops
  • Mini shorts
  • Tight mini skirts
  • Flip flops
  • Tops or clothing with offensive graphics or printed profanity
  • Sweatsuits or sweatpants if you’re not participating in any of the club’s facilities, such as golf or tennis

If you plan to use a country club’s exercise facilities, you should dress appropriately for this, too. For tennis or golf, you will need to wear golf shoes or sneakers, as well as a collared shirt, and pants or a skirt.

Shorts can also be worn but these should not be more than four inches above the knee. 

If you intend to use the club’s pool, you will need to bring a bathing suit but ensure this provides enough coverage and it is not too revealing. Therefore, a string bikini is not the right choice this time! Even when swimming, you want to appear classy and conservative. 

In Summary

When wearing country club inspired outfits, you should aim for a semi-formal or formal look. This can include slacks or a skirt with a blouse, a dress shirt, or a sundress.

Avoid overly casual items such as ripped or distressed jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops. If you’re actually visiting a country club, always check ahead to see if they have a particular dress code you need to follow. 

We hope our country club themed outfits have inspired you today to add something new to your closet and introduce a new side to your sophisticated self.

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