The 80s Hippie: Embracing Tie Dye, Harem Pants & Peace Signs

Few eras have fashion trends quite as iconic as the 80s had. We still embrace them today, and some of us are desperate to get back to that era. Somehow, that decade just holds a very special place in so many hearts. 

However, of all the trends that the 80s brought about, the hippie trend is the one that is trying to come back the most, and was also the most iconic back then. 

The 80s Hippie: Embracing Tie Dye, Harem Pants & Peace Signs

In the 80s, the hippie scene had so many unique twists on the hippie fashion sense that skyrocketed in popularity back 20 years hence. There was something unique, and stylish about it, unlike we had ever seen before. 

If you want to dive back into the 80s, try embracing old traditional like flower crowns, tie die, and other hippie scene favorites. Let’s look at the trends that touch us the most, and get into detail about how you can make them a part of your wardrobe! 

Tie Dying

Nothing in modern day quite screams 80s like a good old tie dye. In the 80s hippie scene, tie dying was the king of color, and was a beautifully expressive way of individualizing your attire.

Tie dye back in the 80s could be found on almost any clothing item from jackets, to shirts, to trousers! 

Tie dying has started making a comeback, and you can now see endless online videos about tie dying, and how you can do it yourself. Give it a go, many start with a t-shirt and work from there. 

If you want to really embrace the 80s hippie vibes, pair tie dye with denim!

The Power Of Flower Power

The hippie scene of the 80s was always quite heavy on florals. Flowers were a big part of it, and in the 80s the hippie scene didn’t leave nature in the forest and garden, but started to bring it into the wardrobe. 

Using dramatic floral prints were essential, and the more intense the colors were the better the clothing. 

As you try this out, give an oversized shirt a try, or take a look back at some old 80s movie to get a real feel for the florals! 

Harmony, Love & Peace

When it comes to bling, the 80s had their own symbol that still rocks it today. Who does not recognize the chunky peace symbol on the end of any necklace, or plastered on clothing? 

If you have a tie die, and floral outfit, shove a peace symbol necklace on top of it to really soak up the 80s hippie vibes. This piece of bling will look gorgeous with baggy trousers, a loose fit shirt, or some tie dye

Tight Trousers? No, Thanks

One peak element of the distinct 80s hippie getup was that nothing needs to be tight fitting, in fact, it should be the opposite. Hippies liked to be free, and that meant their clothing should not sit so close to the body. 

Baggy trousers, baggy trousers cropped, and big baggy shirts were distinct hippie clothing back them. 

If you want to go even more all out in the hippie scene, some of the best baggy trousers look amazing styled together with a top tie dyed, and maybe a flower crown or a peace symbol for good measure. 

Meadow Crowns

Flower power really reached ahead with flower crowns. They are a beautiful and aged accessory which became embraced with joy by hippies in the 80s. It is a perfect accessory to pair up with a sundress if you want to look glamorous and angelic. 

However, flower crowns are also peak accessories for festivals as well. 

You see flower crowns used a lot today still, they are one of the aspects of 80s hippie culture that simply stuck. 


Jewelry does not need to just stay on your torso, anklets proved this. Anklets are the perfect jewelry accessory that will really show your love for the 80s hippie trends. Anklets in the 80s saw these delicately chained anklets becoming a very hot accessory for hippies. 

You could often see them on stars in the 80s such as Cyndi Lauper as well. 

Anklets are a great and really simple way for you to express your love for the 80s hippie trends, pair them with some sandals, or even go barefoot if you want to. 

A great thing about anklets is that even if you work in an environment where you cannot show off your love for the 80s, you could always wear an anklet under your clothes, so a bit of the 80s stays with you, even if you have a strict uniform!

Spreading The Love

While tie dye and florals were very popular, they were not the only available options for hippies in the 80s. Often slogal and graphic design tees were found too, and were in fact, extremely popular. 

They would often feature messages of freedom, peace, and love. So, chill and loving grphic tees are a key component of an 80s hippie wardrobe. 

If you wanted to try out this look, give graphic tee styling a try, add in some denim shorts, or perhaps a loose and long flowing skirt. 

Plenty of 80s celebrities rocked this look, so, why not you? 

The 80s Hippie: Embracing Tie Dye, Harem Pants & Peace Signs

Accessories Are Just As Important

All 80s hippies knew the true importance of accessorizing well. Sunglasses were a typical favorite of many. They would often tend to take inspiration from the 60s (Check out 60s Theme Party Outfits), considering the round glasses which you would often see worn by the likes of people like John Lennon. 

That style in particular was extremely popular in the hippie scene of the 80s. 

Others included Susan Sarandon, who was a big fan of the hippie sunglasses worn in the 80s, as well as flower crowns and shorts.

Lovin’ Nature Is Key

True to form hippie vibes would usually aim to work alongside, embracing nature and the natural world, unlike the rest of the world which seemingly fights against it.

So, if you want to truly unleash your inner hippie, ensure that you channel materials which speak to nature when you do. 

Pay attention to what you use, wood, cotton and hemp were very popular for 80s hippies. These materials often kept both the hippies and the natural world in the spotlight with focus on them. And, rightly so. 

Love Those Harem Pants

Yet another 80s style that fit perfectly into the hippie scene was harem pants. These are loose and baggy styled pants which had a dropped crotch, we are sure you have seen these before somehwere. 

These pants were increadibly popular back in the 80s, and today they have seen a slight comeback as well. You can help them back their return. 

These pants look awesome if you pair them together with a tie-dye singlet. 

Think of an 80s star who used to wear these? Donna Summer comes to mind. 

Denim Galore

Lets not forget the significance of denim in the 80s. While there were plenty of clothing items that epiotomized the 80s, when it got a bit chilly outside, hippies would usually reach for their denim jacket to keep them warm. 

Denim jackets in the 80s would often be donned with patches, these patches would have any range of things on them, usually, however, they would be flowers or peace signs. 

Denim jackets donned with patches would always look super cool when paired with some shorts, perhaps a sundress, long skirts, or even some harem pants, why not? 

Jessica Parker is probably the most infaous 80s star who rocked this look. 


The fashion sense and styles that were found embrace by 80s hippies are the ones that came about because of their uniqueness, and how they spoke to the hippies love of peace, love and nature. 

The fashion sense of the 80s hipppie would usually be a fashion statement that spoke of morality and community, and it can still be seen today when we look back to the 80s, or if you taje a trip to a vintage store. 

If you are looking for inspiration on how to create your own hippie themed outfit, remember that the natural world always played a big part, and while accessories are important, sometimes less is more.

Willa Price

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