The Best Vintage 50s Hairstyle For Ladies With Naturally Curly Hair

Want a good vintage hairstyle that works well for natural curls? There are several styles you could choose, but with naturally curly hair you need to be cautious as it is delicate, and won’t always hold styles that other hair types easily will. 

The Best Vintage 50s Hairstyle For Ladies With Naturally Curly Hair

You do not need to drive yourself crazy just trying to copy the level of curls and the texture of a style to get a properly good vintage style.

For finished styles to look really great the most important thing you need to do is to get the silhouette and form of the style perfect. 

Form and silhouette in hairstyles means the outlining shape of the style and how it looks. You need to manipulate the curls correctly to try to emulate the overall silhouette that you are aiming for, once you have done this, you are halfway there. 

Atomic Era (1940-1950s)

Now, let’s get to it, this style is specific to the Atomic era, which fell between the late 1940s and the 1950s. We have chosen the best style of all Atomic Era choices for curly hair.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is part the top section of the hair. The 1950s usually had a side parting which would line up with the peak of your eyebrow. This will also help with getting some height in the area where you may have bangs. 

Once the hair is parted, set the top section of the hair to one side

Step 2

Having this section of hair right underneath the parting on the left side of your head, pull the hair back, gently pinning it against the scalp. You want to have a gentle sweeping motion as the hair goes behind your temple.

Step 3

A majority of ladies in the 50s would have a hairstyle that settled just above the shoulders (see also ‘15 Best 50s Theme Party Outfits To Try Today‘). It was considered to be a more modern look in contrast to the 40s.

In order to copy this look property, grab sections of your hair which may hang long and twist it up into bun-like forms.

Step 4

Next you will want to pin this bun you made up against the scalp. Pin it around the hairline, or around the nape of the neck so that it is short enough. 

Continue to repeat this action with every section all the way around the back of your head.

Step 5 

Now that you have done this, you will need to get a wide toothed comb. Using this comb, comb out from right above the forehead to smoothen the hair slightly, however, do not continue to comb through this section on repeat.

You actually only want to comb about a single inch’s worth of hair from the scalp. 

Having curly hair, we are sure that you know just how devastating it can be to comb through your hair, it can turn into a frizzy catastrophe super fast, so just be mindful and stick to an inch in length. 

You are only doing this step to try and some height above the forehead, this will give you a good wave over the bang style that will highlight your face in the right places.

Step 6

Now that you have done this, you want to use your fingers to direct the hair that is on the right side of your head. This means the hair that is still hanging down.

Doing this, draw it towards your face gently with your fingers. It may not want to stay right now, but we will deal with that problem in a moment. 

Make sure you are happy with where your hair is sitting.

Step 7

Now that you have your hair in the place you want it to be, you are NOT going to use a hairspray! Hairspray and curly hair does not work, maybe for 5 minutes, but your curls are just too hardcore for spray to stay. 

Instead, we are going to be using pins to pin your hair into the place you want it to be. This is why it is so important to always have a full stock of strong hair pins.

You may need to use a lot, so if you have dark hair, use dark pins and no one will ever know they are there! 


Styling curly hair is not always easy, and if you want a specific style or to style from a specific era, it can be quite the challenge to do so, but with the right know-how, and a handy comb and some pins, you will get exactly the style you want. 

Always be sure to have nice clean hair before you attempt a style like this as well, get all the oils out of your hair, and you can expect a neater hold. 

Willa Price

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