10 Best Vintage Disney Watches To Complete Your Look

No matter your age, Disney is always a good look.

While you probably aren’t going to be wearing a Star Wars all-in-one, or wearing a princess dress to work that resembles Elsa from Frozen, there are other ways to add Disney into your everyday style.

10 Best Vintage Disney Watches To Complete Your Look

One of those ways is by wearing a watch. We’re not talking about just any old watch either – we are talking about a vintage Disney watch that is sure to complete your look.

There are so many different Disney watches that have the look that they were created a decade or so ago. The best thing about these watches is that they are sophisticated enough to wear with any outfit.

So, if you are interested in checking out what vintage Disney watches are available to buy, then look no further. Here at Diary of a Vintage Girl, we have 10 of the best vintage Disney watches to suit both men and women. 

History Of Disney

The first Disney watch came about in 1933 and it was based on Mickey Mouse. It was available as a pocket watch and a wristwatch, with the original being difficult to find as a Disney watch collector.

However, there have been many imitations of this watch, specifically in the 1990s. It included Mickey Mouse in the middle of the watch with his arms as minute and hour hands. 

A man called Kay Kamen was the first person to get the Disney rights to sell merchandise under their name. The first thing that was released was the Mickey Mouse watch. 

At only $3.25 they were a hit with many Disney fans. After some time, a Goofy and Minnie version was also released.

10 Best Vintage Disney Watches

If you are interested in wearing a truly vintage Disney watch, then you are in luck. There are so many available due to the fact there were a lot manufactured, especially during the 1990s.

However, while this is true, you can also pick up some rarer gems such as the limited edition watches. These are often numbered and have been kept in great condition.

While they may have not been worn before, it is worth giving them a home on your wrist.

Mickey Mouse Through The Decades

Disney has been around for decades, so it is no surprise that there are many Mickey Mouse watches.

Here are some of the best styles:

1. Ingersoll Mickey Mouse Watch

In 1933, Ingersoll made the first ever Mickey Mouse watch as the watch brand and Disney joined up for a collaboration. 

There was more than one style of watch in the collection, but each one featured Mickey using his hands as the dials to point at the numbers. There was also a smaller circle with three tiny illustrations of Mickey Mouse too.

The strap is interesting because the metal work has Mickey Mouse on it looking a little confused. Perhaps he is trying to figure out what the time is!

One thing is for sure though, it is a beautiful watch.

(Source: Pinterest)

2. Bradley Time Mickey Mouse Watch

The Bradley Time Mickey Mouse watch was released in the 1970s. It became known for its bright red leather strap which helped it to stand out on the arm.

It definitely took inspiration from the 1930s Ingersoll watch due to the arms pointing at the numbers to act as watch hands. However, it is such a fun thing for the watch to do, so no wonder it was kept as part of its main design.

It is bold and bright, just like watching a Disney film!

(Source: Pinterest)

3. Lorus Mickey Mouse Watch

This beautiful 1980s limited edition vintage Disney Mickey Mouse watch is a must-have collectible. Not only is it wonderful to look at, but it looks great on the wrist too. 

In 1987, Gerald Genta was granted a license from Disney to create Mickey Mouse watches. Each was made with 18k gold and a highly sought after piece!

It has that vintage Disney feel about it too, and will no doubt bring you feelings of nostalgia. What could be better than that?

(Source: Pinterest)

4. Timex Mickey Mouse Watch

The 1971 Timex Mickey Mouse watch featured a stainless steel band and a thinner strap, yet it still took on the elements of previous watches with the hands pointing to numbers.

The cool thing about this watch is that it was the first one to have a battery. Instead of the original spring mechanism, a tiny electric motor was used to keep the hands moving.

This made the face of the watch larger than previous Mickey Mouse watches. It was also housed in a big black box and was known as the ‘Mickey Mouse Electric’. 

(Source: Pinterest)

5. Mickey Mouse Talking Time Watch

The 1990s saw a lot of fun things, and the Mickey Mouse talking watch was just one of them. Aimed at children rather than adults, it has a big 3D Mickey Mouse that sticks out from the wrist.

It is also very colorful despite only using three different colors. Also, the ears are really large, which just goes to show that the designers wanted to accentuate the thing Mickey Mouse is known for. 

This watch says the time once squeezed, which just makes it really fun to wear, no matter whether you are a 10 or 100!

(Source: Pinterest)

The 1990s Disney Watches

The 1990s was a great time for Disney. Many family favorites were available to watch at the movie theater and buy on VHS.

Not only that, the 1990s holds a nostalgic memory for many. If you are looking to step back in time to your childhood, then a 90s Disney watch is where it is at. 

6. Timex Snow White Heart Shaped Watch

This has to be one of the most beautiful Disney watches out there. How adorable does this rare 1990s Timex watch look with the gold band heart? 

You may have noticed that Timex does some great collaborations with Disney, and this is no exception. The dark green band sets off the gold wonderfully.

Snow White then fills the watch face with all of her greens, reds and blues.

However, the only trouble is you really will need to be a whizz at telling the time because there are no numbers on the watch face at all.

(Source: Pinterest)

7. Lorus Winnie The Pooh Musical Watch

Another Timex collaboration is this gorgeous Winnie the Pooh watch. This 1990s dream watch shows Pooh indulging in his favorite treat: honey!

The cool thing about this Disney watch is that it plays the Winnie the Pooh theme tune. The 1990s was a time when watches went up a notch. They became digital, had sounds, and sometimes even had a cover that you flipped up.

The music itself is activated by pressing a button, rather than for any other reason. So have no worries that it might go off at a time when it really shouldn’t!

(Source: etsy)

8. 101 Dalmatians Watch

What is unique about this 1990s 101 Dalmatians watch is that the little pups rotate around on the watch face. It is really cute to watch them move around as the time goes by – just do not get yourself distracted!

While it is actually a men’s watch, it would suit a woman as an oversized watch. It was originally made in collaboration with Fossil, and was sold at Disney stores across the country. 

It is also a wonderful limited edition that is still so fun to wear. 

(Source: etsy)

Best Of The Rest

Each decade has a different style, and it is fun to find one that matches your favorite year. Fortunately, there have been Disney watches for many years.

Here are just a couple of our favorites. 

9. Vintage Disney 1990s Who Framed Roger Rabbit Watch

The Disney film Who Framed Roger Rabbit is such a classic. This 1990s watch is limited edition and features Roger Rabbit himself. 

It includes a large watch face with a bright gold band and black watch strap, with the overall design being sleek. This is in contrast to the fun image of Roger Rabbit and his long arms.

It is from the Disney Watch Collectors Club Series IV, making this a rare find indeed. 

Whether you already have Disney watches or want to start collecting, this is a great one to add to your collection. 

(Source: etsy)

10. Vintage Disney Y2K Lizzie McGuire Watch

Now, who doesn’t remember Lizzy McGuire? This fun Disney television show will have people feeling very nostalgic, and maybe a little old too – but we’re here with you on that one!

In true Lizzy McGuire style it is bright pink with a cartoon image of Lizzy herself. It screams the turn of the century with its Y2K vibes.

The stainless steel band is patterned with a cute design that adds a wonderfully feminine touch. The red polka dots are just as fun too, and break up the block of pink.

(Source: etsy)

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many different types of vintage Disney watches available to buy today. From Mickey Mouse and Roger Rabbit, to Winnie The Pooh and Lizzie McGuire.

Another thing you probably noticed while looking through the above list is that they don’t have to look childish to be Disney. 

Even though there is nothing wrong with that – it makes the watch fun to wear – you can also add Disney to your everyday outfit in a subtle way.

For example, the cute Mickey Mouse watch that uses his arms and hands to point to the numbers.

The rest of the watch is simple and classic, making it an easy piece to wear with most outfits. 

Hopefully you have found a favorite or two among the Disney watches above. If you enjoyed this article, check out the rest of the website for more vintage finds. 

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