8 Best Vintage Gucci Handbags That You Will Love

9 Best Vintage Gucci Handbags That You Will Love

The stalwart of designer fashion has perfected the art of creating handbags and purses that stand the test of time with classic aesthetics inspired by the horse riding world and the iconic Gucci monogram.

In this article, we will look at some of the best vintage and pre-loved Gucci handbags that you can buy to complete your collection.

History Of Gucci

Guccio Gucci launched the Gucci brand in 1906, working out of his own home.

Gucci was inspired to start his own brand after seeing the luxurious trunks and suitcases used by the aristocrats staying at the Savoy hotel where he worked as a bellboy.

From the very start, the design of the Gucci brand was associated with all things luxury including high-society pastimes such as horseback riding.

By 1921, the Gucci brand had grown enough to open a small store in Florence, the city in which it was founded.

By 1938, the brand was so popular that Guccio Gucci could open a store on a luxury shopping street in Rome.

Throughout these years of growth, Gucci developed a specially woven hemp material to sidestep a League of Nations embargo against Italy.

With the development of this woven hemp material, Gucci also created his first signature print that would become a key identifier of his products.

The small, interconnected diamond pattern was used to create the brand's first successful line of suitcases.

In the post-war period, pigskin and leather were reintroduced to Gucci products and became the signature house material.

The first version of the iconic bamboo-handled bag, inspired by the curved shape of a horse riding saddle, is thought to be produced during this period.

The crest of the House of Gucci was trademarked in 1955, cementing the brand as a significant driving force in the world of luxury fashion.

Between 1961 and 1972, Gucci stores were opening all around the world including in London and Tokyo.

Best Vintage & Pre-Loved Gucci Handbags

Genuine vintage Gucci handbags can be incredibly difficult to come by because they are prized collectibles and tend to be passed from generation to generation.

If you are lucky enough to come across a genuine vintage Gucci handbag, it is likely to come with a significant price tag.

Thankfully, there are plenty of pre-loved Gucci handbags that are available to add to your collection. Below we will look at some of the best vintage and pre-loved Gucci handbags that you can buy. 


This stunning pre-loved Gucci bag is made from stunning white leather and features the Gucci logo and name proudly emblazoned on the front.

Either side of the iconic Gucci logo is the trademark green and red stripe that was designed by Guccio Gucci himself.

The top closure of the bag features a gold, sturdy zip to protect your belongings. There is also an interior zip and the strap is adjustable for comfort.

The half-moon shape is reminiscent of a saddle bag which is a tasteful nod to the original inspirations of Gucci.

The hobo style gives this bag a more relaxed overall look while still exuding the class and sophistication of Gucci.


This preloved brown, zip-top mini tote bag exudes vintage chic.

The main material of the bag is the specially woven hemp that helped keep Gucci going during the early days of the fashion house.

The fabric features the iconic diamond pattern with the Gucci initials that formed the first ever special Gucci print.

The brown leather gives the handbag an overall natural appearance and is of incredibly high quality.

The hardware on the handbag is finished in polished gold which emanates luxury and class. The warmth of the gold studs and buckles perfectly compliments the warm brown leather. 


Another stunning preloved Gucci handbag that pays perfect homage to the vintage bags from the early days of Gucci is this Abbey open tote bag.

The tote bag has a more relaxed style that is perfect for weekend getaways with loved ones.

The straps on the bag are made from a dark brown leather that is incredibly supple. The hardware is a stunning polished gold color and has been well looked after.

Again, this bag features the iconic diamond-printed fabric with the Gucci monogram. This bag also comes with a certificate of authenticity which significantly boosts the value of the product. 


This is one of the most impressive vintage, pre-loved handbags that we found. This Gucci flight belt bag is made from black canvas with black leather trim.

This is an incredibly sophisticated bag that can be paired with any outfit for any occasion, a true investment piece from the house of Gucci.

As with the previous two bags, this flight belt bag has the iconic Gucci print on the fabric. Because the material and print are black it is extremely subtle and exudes class.

The hardware on the bag has a unique gunmetal finish. The clasp on the front is based on the shapes that you would find on horse bits and stirrups. 


This pre-loved Gucci Hasler shoulder bag is one of the classiest handbags on this list.

The shape of the bag gives it a more relaxed feel despite the fact that it is structured with leather trim all the way around.

The main fabric of the bag is canvas and of course, features the coveted Gucci monogrammed print.

The hardware of this bag has a beautifully polished finish with a stunningly warm gold color.

The corners are reinforced with high-quality black leather patches that are reminiscent of jodhpur patches.

The most stunning feature of this bag however is the horse riding stirrup detail on the front that provides a respectful nod to the original designs of Guccio Gucci. 


This is one of the most unusual bags on this list. The pre-loved Gucci vintage belt bag has all the hallmarks of a true Gucci handbag.

The belt bag is split into two separate pouches, both of which are made from the iconic printed canvas.

One pouch features a front-facing zip that is covered by a small strip of brown fabric. The other pouch features a flap closure for easier access.

The belt strap on this bag is finished in the classic red and green colors that were chosen by Guccio Gucci. 


This preloved round messenger bag from Gucci is an instant classic that would make the perfect addition to your collection.

The main body of the bag is made from canvas featuring the iconic Gucci monogrammed print.

The shape of this handbag is structured thanks to the high-quality leather piping trim around the edges.

The strap on this bag is made from high-quality webbing that is incredibly durable and comfortable to wear all day.

The hardware on this bag is finished in highly polished silver which creates a nice contrast to the brown webbing of the strap.

There is also a small leather loop on the front of the bag that can be useful for hanging shades on. 


This mini bag from Gucci is the ultimate homage to the iconic bamboo-handled bag that Guccio Gucci made at the beginning of his fashion career.

This mini bag also features a stunning bamboo handle that exudes Gucci style and sophistication. The bag itself is a structured satchel finished in stunning burgundy leather.

There is an extra strap included with this bag that allows the user to turn it into a shoulder or crossbody mini bag.

The strap is finished in the iconic red and green stripes of Gucci’s original designs. One of the most stunning things about this bag that makes it so unique is the hardware.

The clasp on this bag is a tiger-head spur that has been encrusted with crystals to add that extra layer of luxury while maintaining a horse riding apparel inspiration. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many incredible vintage and pre-loved Gucci bags available on the market.  

While these bags might be difficult to come by, they are truly timeless investment pieces that add nothing but style and value to your collection.  

Many of these bags are understated enough to be used with everyday outfits, which is the true measure of an authentically classy luxury brand.  

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