10 Best Vintage Movado Watches To Enhance Your Style

While there are admittedly countless brands and styles of watches to choose from, there are few as good as the Movado brand.

10 Best Vintage Movado Watches To Enhance Your Style

Offering a timeless sense of style and elegance that is seldom seen in many modern timepieces, Movado has a long and storied history of delivering high quality products to their adoring customers – making them a notable player on an otherwise saturated market.


Founded in 1881 by Achille Ditesheim, the company was soon merged with Ditesheim’s brothers companies in 1892 to form L.A. & I. Ditesheim Fabricants – an early example of a modernized watchmaking factory. 

The company played a major role in revolutionizing the Swiss watch industry, and within 20 years, the company had 80 employees, and held international renown for the quality of its pocket watches. The company expanded once more in 1905, when they began producing wrist watches to meet modern fashion trends.  

It was around this time that the company’s name was changed to ‘Movado’ – which translates to ‘Always In Motion’ in Esperanto. This name has remained ever since, even when the company was purchased in Gedalio Grinberg’s North American Watch Corp in 1983. 

Our Top Ten Picks

To help you along with the decision making process, we have compiled a list of our favorite Movado watches – for both men and women – to give you some ideas in terms of style, price, and features. 

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Movado ‘Museum’ Stainless Steel Watch (Mens)

First on our list we have the Movado ‘Museum’ – a men’s watch that comes in numerous different colored metals. This particular model is the stainless steel – offering an understated yet stylish look that appears entirely timeless. 

It’s true, this watch could easily be found in the 1920s or 30s, but would also seem entirely modern in the present day.

This is what many people look for in a watch, and this sense of timelessness also means that the watch never looks dated or out of style, and will more than likely look good with any number of different outfits. 

What’s more, this Swiss made watch is constructed from premium materials – opting for a minimalistic black face, with contrasting silver hands, as well as sapphire crystal glass to keep it safe from damage.

Movado Thin Swiss Quartz Watch W/ Mesh Band (Mens)

Our last pick from the men’s section is this thin Swiss quartz watch from Movado. 

With a delicate rose gold covering, and an intricate, metallic mesh strap, this really is style incarnate – offering all of the advantages of a Movado watch, as well as a timelessness that you just don’t get in other modern timepieces. 

With a resilient design and refined Swiss engineering, this watch just screams composure and style, balancing timeless elegance, with modern sensibilities, and creating something that is just so much better than either combined.

Movado Bold Shimmer Watch (Womens)

This Movado ‘shimmer’ takes its name from the semi-precious stones that adorn the exterior of the watch face – giving it a subtle elegance that one would come to expect with a Movado. 

Available in numerous colors, including silver, rose gold, and yellow gold, these are the perfect accessory for any outfit, and add that extra bit of class to any occasion. 

With the usual refined Swiss engineering, K1 crystal toughened glass, and quartz movement for expert timekeeping, this really is one of the best watches on the market.

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Movado ‘Esperanza’ Yellow Gold Watch (Mens)

Next on our list we have the ‘Esperanza’ produced by Movado. Adorned in one of their signature colors (yellow gold), the watch is the perfect example of vintage and modern coming together in perfect harmony. 

As has become synonymous with Movado, the watch has clean lines, subtle details, and an overall minimalist look that creates that timeless feel to the timepiece. 

Made with Swiss quartz to promote perfect timekeeping, and sapphire crystal glass to ensure that the face and the inner mechanisms remain protected and secure, this watch is an example of modern watchmaking in action, wherein quality and style come together to make something that offers so much to the wearer.

Movado Silver Metal Quartz Watch (Mens)

Next on our list we have this silver metal quartz watch from Movado.

This watch has something of a more modern look to it – in that it is totally covered in metallic silver – but the shape of the face and the delicateness of the features give it that signature timeless look that fans of Movado love so much. 

With a distinctive contrasting color scheme of silver and dark blue, this is certainly an attractive watch – and with that matching link strap, you have the capability to modify the sizing to meet any wrist. 

With waterproofing up to 100 feet (30 meters), a stainless steel body to minimize abrasions, scratch resistant sapphire glass, and typical Swiss quartz movement, this really is the all round watch for someone on the go – perfectly bringing together the capability for rugged adventure, and the tasteful style that would be perfect for a night on the town.

Movado ‘Iconic’ Yellow Gold Watch (Womens)

Now onto our picks for the women’s line. First on our list we have the Movado ‘Iconic’, which comes in their signature yellow gold and a matching link strap to add the perfect accompaniment to any outfit. 

They really hit the nail on the head when they came up with the name, because just watch just screams ‘iconic’ – offering timeless elegance and beauty, not to mention their delicately crafted outer shell, their characteristic subtle watch faces, and all the components you need to keep it safe and sound. 

What’s more, this model comes with a K1 mineral crystal glass cover to protect the face from damage and degradation, as well as a 2 year warranty – making sure your watch looks good for as long as possible.

Movado Yellow Gold-Ion Plated Watch (Womens)

Now time for something a little different.

This yellow gold, ion plated watch from Movado just has that look of an instant classic about it – boasting a mother of pearl face, a stainless steel link strap, and three distinct chronographs showing different denominations of time. 

This sounds complex, but the watch maintains the trademark subtly and style that Movado has come to be associated with – focusing on minimalism and clean lines to create something as elegant as it is functional. 

When combined with the high quality materials, this really is a watch for a woman who means business.

Movado Bold Verso Two Tone Watch (Womens)

For those who just can’t decide on one color, this two-tone should be right up your alley. With a stainless steel silver body with gold accents – perfectly adding that little bit of charm to what would otherwise be a normal looking watch. 

Featuring the usual minimalist design, and an attractive contrasting sun-ray dot on the face, this really is a genuinely attractive watch for those who dare to be different. And what’s more, you can rest easy knowing you are protected against damage thanks to the high quality components and the extended warranty.

Movado Bold Iconic ‘Metal Blue’ Watch (Womens)

Last but by no means least, we have something entirely different. Dark and brooding, the Movado bold ‘Iconic’ comes in metal blue, and offers something unusual compared to other watches in the women’s line. 

It is worth remembering that gold and jewels are not for everyone, and sometimes you just need something sleek, understated, and laden with attitude. 

This model comes with all the usual bells and whistles – including K1 crystal toughened glass, Swiss quartz movement, and refined engineering – as well as the standard 2 year warranty to make sure that you keep looking stylish and eye-catching for as long as possible.

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Movado ‘Museum’ Black/Yellow Gold Watch (Mens)

Next up we have the ‘Museum’ watch from Movado – styled in their signature combination of black face and yellow gold casing. 

Featuring a tasteful black leather strap, this offers something a little different than the other Movado watches on this list, and when combined with the delicate gold trim around the face it gives the perfect stylish contrast. 

If that wasn’t enough, this model also comes with everything you’d expect from a Movado – that is, Swiss quartz mechanisms, toughened sapphire crystal face, and a PVD finished stainless steel case to protect against nasty accidents.

What’s more, it offers a 2 year warranty to make sure you keep looking good for as long as possible.

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, all of the best vintage Movado watches to enhance your overall style

It’s true that watches remain a classic part of style – both for men and women – and there are certainly any number of different styles you can go for. However, few look and feel as good as a Movado – offering timeless elegance, taste, and expert timekeeping. 

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