10 Best Vintage Timex Watches To Enhance Your Style

These days, any watch collection won’t be complete without a Timex watch, but that wasn’t always the case.

In the good old days, you could stroll into the department store and choose from a variety of different styles, many of which you were likely to discover at pretty low costs compared to today’s prices. Sadly, these days are long gone. 

9 Best Vintage Timex Watches To Enhance Your Style

For Timex watches today, not only can you expect to pay a high price for a new model, but you may even have to join a waitlist because their watches have become so popular. 

But although Timex is still very much a brand that caters to the general public and provides consumers with watches that are of high quality but are sold at rates that won’t make them cry, the days of carelessly selecting your favored item from the collection are long gone.

The growing demand is an unmistakable sign that Timex is officially in the good graces of seasoned collectors as well as watch newbies everywhere.

We are living in a golden age, with limited editions being purchased alongside general releases because the work of the company is simply that amazing.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a watch that is automatic or quartz, dressy or tough, with a chronograph or just a plain three-hander, Timex will have a watch for you. 

Vintage Timex watches are now highly sought after, and command a very high price on the resale market.

Let’s take a look at the history of the brand before we take a deep dive into the very best vintage Timex watches you should try to get your hands on. 

The History Of The Timex Watch

According to the Timex Group, everything started in 1854 at the Waterbury Clock Company, which was located in Waterbury, Connecticut.

The very first wristwatch was produced in the 1920s, and it was built specifically for use by military personnel during the Second World War. 

Waterbury saw both success and failure during the Great Depression; nevertheless, in 1930, a collaboration with Walt Disney resulted in the creation of the Mickey Mouse watch, which put the company back on the map.

The company went through both prosperous and difficult times, yet it managed to keep going.

Nowadays, the brand is highly favored by both the ultra-wealthy and regular watch lovers because of its distinctive designs, high quality, and ability to keep working perfectly even after years, if not decades, of use. 

The Best Vintage Timex Watches 

These are the best vintage watches we think you should take a look at.

While not all of these will be available for purchase all the time, it’s well worth checking various websites every few weeks to see if your favorite comes back on sale.

​Timex Marlin Series

1. Timex Marlin 1971

The Timex Marlin series is one of the most favored by vintage watch collectors. Many consider the durability and aesthetics to be unrivaled, so it’s not uncommon for these watches to sell for lots of money! 

These watches were so renowned during the 1960s and 1970s  because they were manually wound with two plates, and these were unbreakable. Most vintage watches have a tendency to wear quickly when it comes to their winding plates, so the Marlin Series was unheard of! 

Timex Sprite Series

2. Timex ‘Bulls Eye’ Sprite

The Timex Sprite series is certainly an interesting one, none more so than the ‘Bulls Eye’. These watches were created with the military aesthetic in mind. It offered a 24-hour dial, distinguished with bright colors and clear lines to make timekeeping as simple as possible. 

The Sprite series was created in the 1970s and remained popular for decades. It is now a collector’s piece, and a rare one at that! These watches are almost to be found, and that’s what makes them so special.  

Timex Camper Series

3. Timex Camper MK1

Timex has been releasing military-inspired watches for decades, but the most iconic is the Mil-Spec W-46374B. This watch was manufactured for two short months in 1982, with low standards to make it no more than a throwaway watch. 

However, the original style was too impressive to be lost forever on cheap execution. In 2016, Timex re-released the original style named ‘MK1’.

This watch was constructed with Timex’s beloved quality, building it to last rather than be thrown in the trash.

Timex Mercury Series

4. Timex Mercury 1965

A slightly less popular, but still beautiful in its own right, Timex series is the Mercury. These watches are cheaper vintage watches due to the lower demand, but we think they’re very underrated! 

These watches have been created since the 1960s. They have either two or three hand dials, and the numbering sequence varies from watch to watch.

If you’re looking for a cheaper vintage watch to start your collection, the Mercury Series might be the one for you!

Timex Peanuts Series

5. Timex Snoopy Watch

The Peanuts series was certainly a fan favorite, with beloved Snoopy characters being featured on the watchfaces. Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Linus all had their own watches with corresponding colored straps, but Snoopy was by far the favorite. 

These watches featured leather straps, stainless steel cases, and quartz movements. These watches even feature the character’s arms as the watch hands, so the characters move as they tell the time!

These watches are ideal for children, but also come in adult sizes, too. Bring out your inner child with a Snoopy watch! 

Timex Atlantis Series

6. Timex Atlantis Nuptse

This bold and brilliant vintage watch would look amazing on anyone’s wrist, so it’s good news for everyone that Timex has recently brought this watch back into rotation.

The vintage watch looks amazing, but if you can’t get your hands on one, they are also selling them newly manufactured.

The Atlantis was originally designed for the Japanese market in 1985, and it eventually made its way to the US in 1991. Unlike many other vintage watches, this one is digital which is ideal for busy people who prefer to read the time in a straightforward way. 

Timex Dynabeat Series

7. Timex Dynabeat Electronic

The Dynabeat Electronic series first appeared in 1962, with the first model (9017) being presented to the public. These watches were sold at low prices and were renowned for their durability despite this. 

These watches had an interesting square shape to them that not many others adorned, and this makes them all the more interesting to look at now.

When wearing vintage, you want the piece to be the star of the show, and this is exactly what the Dynabeat series achieves. 

Timex Ironman Series

8. Timex Ironman Triathlon

Timex Ironman watches were first made available in 1984, and the Triathlon was still being sold until at least 1994.

These watches were made by Timex working closely with the officials of the Ironman triathlon sporting event, developing a new digital watch to reprieve the company’s sales. 

Thanks to the $20 million advertising campaign spent on this watch, the results were impressive and the Ironman Series became a success.

This digital watch is another that will make everyone marvel at your wrist, and the vintage watches aren’t too expensive, either.

9. Timex Indiglo 1992

The Indiglo technology was first introduced within the Ironman Series, in 1992. The technology was then spread throughout their watch lines, becoming a part of 70% of their watches available at the time. 

You can often find the Indiglo technology in men’s, women’s, and sports watches. This allowed the watch face to glow in the dark so that the wearer could tell the time after dark. Before the 90s, this wasn’t possible! 

Adding a vintage Indiglo watch to your wardrobe will undoubtedly enhance your style, as well as allowing you to wear a piece of history. 

Timex Lady Gold

10. Timex Gold Plated Mechanical Watch

This 1960s gold mechanical watch is an uncommon timepiece that will get people talking whenever they see it.

This is the ideal watch for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd a bit, but because it’s so rare finding one to buy may take a while and a lot of searching. 

The watch features an intriguing wide oval-shape for the watchface, an understated band in gold, and a time-tested mechanical movement that is robust despite Timex’s cheap price.

Timex watches stand the test of time, so the Mechanical Watch should be no different! 


These have been the very best vintage Timex watches that we think you should try to get your hands on.

Though some of these watches can be pretty pricey, if you want to elevate any outfit and have a more sophisticated look, you cannot go wrong with wearing a vintage Timex watch.

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