Vintage Valentines Gifts To Give Your Loved Ones

Do you ever struggle thinking about what you are going to get your other half for Valentine’s Day? Struggle no more with these vintage options which will be all that more special and thoughtful. 

Vintage Valentines Gifts To Give Your Loved Ones

This guide will be covering some of the best vintage gifts for your partner to enjoy this Valentine’s Day right here. 

1. A Record Player And Romantic Record

If your significant other is a music lover, a vintage- style record player is the perfect gift. 

Then pair it with a record that consists of romantic love songs, music you can dance together to or a song with a personal meaning to you both, perhaps your wedding song? 

This gift could then start the exciting hobby of record collecting and you could go record hunting together.

There are also more modern versions of the record player available to purchase now which work via bluetooth. This is a thoughtful and personal gift with a touch of creativity. It really shows the thought you have put into the gift hunting. 

2. Vintage Lingerie 

If you’re looking for something a little more spicy this valentines then perhaps some vintage inspired lingerie is what you’re looking for! If your valentine loves lingerie then they will fall in love with a vintage pajama set or silk robe.

Vintage lingerie often has a sense of elegance and class – especially when made of silk in ivory or blush colors with lace detailing. 

With this choice of gift there are many options available to you including nightgowns, slips and sets, which come in all different colors and lengths so you can truly tailor this gift to your partners and what they would like. 

3. Vintage Inspired Perfume

Vintage Valentines Gifts To Give Your Loved Ones

Perfume is a very personal item and everyone has different tastes. Due to this, it can be hard to know if you are choosing the right fragrance for the right person and whether it will be something they will wear. 

A solution for this, is instead of splashing on a full bottle, purchase roller bottles which are much more affordable and arrive in smaller packaging. This is also a practical idea as your valentine can then take the small bottle in their bag during the day.

Then if you did enjoy the smell and would like to purchase a larger bottle they can or you have  a great idea for your next git. 

4. Vintage Bag 

Vintage is an essential part of today’s fashion. It’s about the past, but with a twist. Vintage bags are a great way to add a bit of old-world elegance to an outfit, which is why they’re making a comeback.

There are so many different types of bags to choose from when it comes to vintage options. They are so unique and have more meaning behind them which is why it would be a lovely gift idea. 

5. Vintage Jewelry 

Vintage jewelry is a great way to celebrate a special occasion. It is also a great way to make your jewelry collection more interesting. If you want to buy vintage jewelry, you should consider buying antique jewelry.

This is a great idea for either of the partners because they can make it special and have something old to keep forever. 

6. Vintage Art 

Various types of art have been made throughout the ages. Explore the many styles of painting, sculpture, and design from around the world, in this collection of vintage art.

Some of the most beautiful and creative designs are made using vintage art techniques and materials. 

This could be a great idea for something different or to have something made with a vintage style in mind for you both. Everybody loves something with a lot of thought! 

7. Vintage Clothes 

A piece of vintage clothing like a t-shirt they love or something they would really love is also another very thoughtful present for your partner. Thinking out the box is always important to show you have taken the time to find something they would love. 

8. Vintage Books 

Vintage Valentines Gifts To Give Your Loved Ones

Is your partner a big lover of books? This is showing that you know their passions and you have tried to find something that might pique their interests. Most people think a book is quite a boring present but it is a good option to put with something else. 

9. Vintage Watch 

Vintage watches are just spectacular and you can get some really amazing inspiration from pinterest and at MyTinytree. Watches are very common gifts on valentines day, but a vintage watch is something which is something a little bit different and something with more character. 

10. Vintage Glasses 

It all depends on what your partner loves, but it can be a bit difficult to get your hands on some really trendy vintage sunglasses nowadays, but it is a great idea if you can find the right ones.

Mix matching ideas is also really good because then they get a few items which you have really thought about. 

11. Vintage Coins 

Is your partner a collector, or just loves everything shiny? Vintage memorabilia can be very popular when it comes to gifts because it is something you want to keep safe or carry around with you. Something about it just automatically becomes special about that coin or present. 


Overall, when it comes to that special person in your life, you want to treat them with something that is going to make them feel special within themselves.

Showing that extra bit of thought and love can really make a difference to your partner’s day and make yourself feel like going for it too. 

Hopefully this list has given you some helpful inspiration for gifts this year! It can be quite frustrating to know what to get, but if you have an idea then we have a list to help you here. 

Frequently Asked Question

What Is The Most Common Gift On Valentines Day? 

We all love a box of heart shaped chocolates on valentines day, but they aren’t something you can remember it by. Most people just eat them and forget about the special day.

However, when someone gifts you with something heartfelt you tend to want to keep it safe as something to look back on. 

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