What Is A Bodycon Dress?

When it comes to fashion, unsurprisingly a lot of styles only enjoy 5 minutes of fame. And then there are those that stick around for much longer, sometimes even carrying on well after the decade the style came about.

What Is A Bodycon Dress

One of those styles is the bodycon dress. It was first seen in the early 1990s, yet people are still rocking this dress today.

A bodycon dress is one that hugs the body to show off all of the feminine curves. There literally is no hiding in this dress – it is a very snug fit. Usually made of a stretchy kind of material, it is tight-fitting and sticks to your body shape. 

To really understand what a bodycon dress is and what it looks like, let’s take a look at them in more detail. 

How Did The Bodycon Dress Come About?

The bodycon dress was first launched in the early 1990s by the designer Hérve Peugnet, who owns Hervé Léger. It was a style of dress seen on many of the celebrities and models during that time.

Even today, many celebrities choose to wear a bodycon dress. This could be because of the way it shows off a toned figure, and the fact it is an easy dress to wear.

Having said that, the word bodycon stands for either body confidence or body conscious. As you can see, even the name refers to how unforgiving this style of dress may be. 

This is because the dress itself has no support. It is usually a thinner material that does not do anything to help the body nip and tuck in certain areas. For this reason, you often need quite a lot of body confidence to wear a bodycon dress.

Is A Bodycon Dress The Same As A Bandage Dress?

No, a bodycon dress and a bandage dress are not the same thing, however they do get mistaken for one another. 

A bodycon dress has no support or shaping, and is usually made of a thinner stretchy material. This is to help the material adapt to your body shape, and to show off all of the curves.

A bandage dress on the other hand looks like a bodycon dress, but it has support to help you nip and tuck in all of the right places. It is usually made of thicker layers and has inbuilt support to hide any flaws. 

Where Is Suitable To Wear A Bodycon Dress?

It is okay to wear a bodycon dress on most occasions. It all depends on the type of bodycon dress chosen, and how you wear it. It also matters what you wear it with.

If you wear a bodycon dress with a big pair of heels, then this is likely to be nighttime attire. If you want to wear a bodycon dress for work, then choose one that has less emphasis on showing skin. 

You may also want to find a bodycon dress that has thicker material too. You can of course pair the bodycon with heels, just choose a pair that says ‘time to work’ and not ‘time for tequila’. 

You could also think about wearing tights with a bodycon dress too, as this automatically tones it down. 

Are There Ways To Look Good Wearing A Bodycon Dress?

It is no surprise that women have all different kinds of body shapes. For this reason, not everyone will look good in the same bodycon dress. So, how do you wear one? Let’s take a look at your body shape:


What Is A Bodycon Dress

It is no surprise that the bodycon dress was likely designed with this body shape in mind. You may want to wear a belt at the waist or even a plunging neckline.


If your hips are wider, then you are usually known as a pear-shape. You will want to balance the whole look, so team the bodycon dress with a jacket or even a top.


If you have a broader upper body, then you are known as having an apple shape. Because you are narrower at the bottom half of your body, highlight these. Wear a bodycon with a slight or a mini version. 


If you have hips and shoulders of a similar width, then you are known as having a straight body shape. Choose a bodycon dress with extra embellishments like ruffles to add some shape. 

Just remember that you can also add shapewear underneath a bodycon dress. Some people might feel more comfortable giving themselves extra shape or removing unwanted bumps – and that is totally fine.

If You Are Plus-Size, How Do You Wear A Bodycon Dress?

Just because you are considered to be plus-size does not mean you cannot wear a bodycon dress. In fact, you should embrace the ability to wear a bodycon dress. Here are some tips:


Try and steer clear from thin fabrics. You will find thinner fabrics are far more revealing, and a thicker fabric may even help with support.


Try to stick with plus-size sizes. Trying to wear a smaller size will not help you to feel confident. 


Adding a belt to your waist can help to make it appear slimmer. Just make sure that the belt is wider. 


Go for a darker color. These are far more slimming. However, if that doesn’t bother you, then choose whichever bright color you like. 


Add some shapewear if you feel like you need it. It can help to make you feel extra confident all day.

Final Thoughts

Bodycon dresses first came about in the early 1990s thanks to designer Hérve Peugnet. Since then, people have embraced the bodycon dress in all its tight (and sometimes revealing) glory.

If you are looking to wear a bodycon dress, then just remember to have confidence. The dress itself can bring about a lot of body worries, but having confidence is the biggest key to looking great in the bodycon dress. If that fails, just wear shapewear!

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