What Is A Sundress?

Having a few wardrobe staples in your repertoire is essential if you love fashion and want to look well dressed from day to day. You’ve probably got a little black dress and a favorite pair of jeans, but what about a sundress?

What Is A Sundress?

A sundress should definitely be part of your wardrobe, as it truly is a staple. They are versatile, cute, and very comfortable to wear.

So, if you don’t have a sundress or two for this summer, let’s take a look at what they are, why you need one, and what makes them different from other types of dresses! Read on to find out. 

What Is A Sundress?

A sundress is simply a dress that is worn in warm, sunny weather. When the temperatures soar, you’ll want to keep your arms, shoulders, neck, and legs free to either catch a tan, or stay cool in warmer climates. 

A sundress does just that, it keeps you cool. They are typically light and airy, and tend to be a little flow to allow air circulation. A sundress will usually have straps, or be strapless, so that you don’t have sleeves tight around the arms. 

In the most basic sense, a sundress is a loose, light, sleeveless dress, typically without a high neckline, and worn with thin shoulder straps. 

How Is A Sundress Different From A Dress?

Dresses come in all different shapes and sizes. You may find some cuts work better for your silhouette than others, but generally speaking, a sundress can be suitable for everyone as they are loose fitting.

That way, they don’t cling to your curves or show up any lumps and bumps, and you can wear one all day long for the ultimate comfort. 

Sundresses are different from other dresses as they do not cover arms, neck or the shoulders, as mentioned above. In comparison, a bodycon dress would be tight fitting and snug to the frame, whereas a cocktail dress could have a long skirt, or lace sleeves, or a lot of detailing.

Most sundresses are used for casual outings, so would not be incredibly detailed or embellished. Sundresses are therefore more informal, made of lightweight fabrics, so would not be suitable for a formal event.

In those cases, you would need a different type of dress such as a gown, cocktail dress, floor length dress, or even a jumpsuit. 

Why We Love Sundresses

Sundresses are a firm favorite in our wardrobes, as they are super versatile and truly look great on everyone.

For example, young girls and children can wear cute sundresses with spaghetti straps or tie straps to stay cool in summer, and other women can wear sundresses with some accessories to look like a summer goddess. 

You may be wondering if these dresses are suitable for older women too, and the answer is yes! Middle aged women and over can also wear a sundress as these dresses come in a variety of styles, prints and fabrics.

They often have a-line skirts too that come out at the hips, so if you’re weary of your midriff then you don’t need to be, sundresses are super flattering. 

The other thing is you can wear a sundress day or night. While sundresses are best suited for casual everyday wear, if you’re heading out of the office for the day and want to grab a drink after work, you can wear your sundress.

Simply top it with a cool jacket like a leather jacket, or pop some tights on and swap your sandals for wedges or some flats!  

When To Wear A Sundress

A sundress is best worn in you guess it sunny weather. When the weather is warmer, you can make use of this light fabric, wide neckline, and flouncing skirt to keep cool, while looking great during the summer.

You don’t have to wait for summer to wear a sundress, you can wear one in spring or even fall as the weather starts to change. For instance, in the spring, if it’s not quite warm enough yet, you can pair a cute sundress with a light denim jacket.

Whereas in the fall, you can wear a sundress with a cardigan, a scarf and some tights and boots to keep you warm if it’s still sunny but a little chilly. 

Even if it gets colder, you can make use of a typical sundress’ fitted bodice, and flowing skirt by wearing it under a sweater, using tights and nice chunky boots to keep your feet warm, and topping it all off with a chunky scarf. It’s the perfect item for layering!

If you’re unsure of which shoes to wear with a sundress, we have a few options for you. While it does come down to personal preference, and the weather conditions in your location, there are a few favorites!

For those who prefer comfort over anything else, we recommend some classic sneakers. These can provide a casual, sporty look, and you can run all of your errands with ease in your favorite, supportive sneakers. 

For hot summer days, a sundress would look great with some tan sandals, or brightly colored flats. Be sure to pick out a color from the dress to match your flats and purse to! 

The beauty of the sundress is that you can wear it for many different reasons. Whether you want to head to the beach and use it as a cover up over your bathing suit, or use it to catch a tan, or if you want to wear it to brunch, or to run errands and grab a coffee, it’s perfectly suitable! 

Final Thoughts

To summarize, a sundress is always a good idea to have in your closet. They are so versatile, and look great on everyone.

The wonderful thing about sundresses is that they come in so many styles, shapes, and cuts, that you can find one that compliments your body perfectly- or do what we do, and buy one in all of your favorite designs, patterns and colors- so you always have something fun and comfortable to wear!

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