What To Wear In Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee is a laid-back place, full of stylish nightclubs, honky-tonk bars, and live music! Aside from the night life, there are also fascinating museums to visit and relaxing getaways for the family.

What To Wear In Nashville

In other words, Nashville has something for everyone. 

If you have ever seen the TV show Nashville or even seen country singers performing there, you probably have an idea of how people dress in this great city.

But, can you rely on TV shows as a way to inspire your fashion ideas when visiting a place? Well, read on to find out.

Nashville is the birthplace of country music but is known for its fashion just as much as its music. Therefore, what you wear there is important!

If you’re heading to Nashville for a little vacation, we doubt you’ll want to stand out like a tourist. Instead, you’ll want to fit in with the locals. Therefore, you’ll need to know what suitable attire you can wear so you look stylish. 

Today, we are going to help you do just that. Blow, we have compiled a list of our favorite outfits and fashion ideas to help you figure out what to wear in Nashville.

Remember, Nashville’s temperatures alter drastically during the seasons, so you need to be prepared for whatever time you’re visiting.

So, let’s get down to the fashion dos and don’ts of Nashville and make sure you’re as chic as possible in the music mecca.

What Should You Wear in Nashville? 

The capital of Tennessee, the capital of country music, and the most populous city in the state – Nashville is a unique, thriving city with a rich music history.  

Regarded as the “music city,” Nashville is a very popular destination for tourists throughout the year, especially when its numerous music festivals are taking place.

But, most of the time, you will be able to spot the tourists as they stick out from the locals. Why? Because of what they are wearing.

Many people just go on vacation and forget to think about what they should or should not wear. Therefore, they can turn up unprepared for the climate and the culture.

When it comes to Nashville, it is a pretty laid back city. With music being its heartbeat, the overall vibe is pretty casual. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about wearing the latest designer outfits and smartest clothing around.

The focus is certainly on relaxed, casual clothing. 

You also need to take into account what season you’re visiting as Nashville experiences all four seasons. So, in the winter, think about layers, and for the summer months, light, loose fitted clothing is the best option as it gets very hot.

Overall, Nashville’s fashion sense is “Americana” with a hipster vibe to it. Think jeans, t-shirts, denim, sneakers, fedora hats, sweaters, ankle boots, casual dresses, and leather jackets, with a host of different accessories.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but on the whole, this type of fashion is normal during both the days and evenings.

Trendy Clothes To Wear In Nashville


Think of country music and denim usually comes to mind. But, the great thing about denim is that it comes in all shapes and sizes.

To start with, you should pack a pair of denim jeans, but we also recommend a denim skirt, jumpsuit, jacket, denim shorts, and a denim shirt if you want to fit in with the music lovers and musicians in the city. 

Cowboy Boots

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Looking for something that is classic in Nashville but can also help you stand out from the tourists? Look no further than good old cowboy boots!

These are one of those timeless trends that never goes out of fashion in Tennessee.

And, yes, lots of folks will be wearing cowboy boots, but that just means they are fashionable. Join in, even if you never wear them and we’re sure you’ll feel right at home. 

Floral Prints

If you’re heading to Nashville during the springtime, floral prints will always look great. In fact, these days, floral prints look great all year round. Whether you wear a dress, a top, or shoes with floral patterns, you will look just right in the music city. 

Nashville Outfits 

Let’s take a look at some outfit ideas that you could try in Nashville. Of course, some of these are more suitable for certain seasons, so keep that in mind before you start packing. Also, consider what activities you will be doing.

If you’re hiking, take hiking gear, but if you’re out in the clubs most nights, you may want some smart clothes. 

In spring, you’ll need to come prepared for the warmer weather but still have enough layers for the colder evenings in Nashville. 

Here are some ideas of what to wear:

  • Cami and Jeans – spring temperatures can change from day to day in Nashville, so you’ll need layers. We suggest pairing your favorite denim attire with silk cami. Complete the look with a suede, neutral jacket. For cooler evenings, wear your favorite boots, and for the hotter days, studded sandals will look great.
  • Hipster – hipster fashion equals trendy fashion. Try some sleek straight leg white jeans with a printed t-shirt. Add some cowboy boots and a denim jacket, preferably oversized, to finish the look. You can even wear a bandana and some golden accessories to look like a true rock star!
  • Slip dress with cowboy boots – animal print is popular in Nashville, so a leopard print slip dress could look incredible on you. Pair this with some ankle cowboy boots and a denim jacket for layers, and you have the complete Nashville look. 
  • Denim and a leather jacket – when the temperature drops, a pair of wash, vintage jeans with a casual graphic t-shirt or a cami, will look great. Add a back leather jacket for warmth and some cowboy boots and you’ll be ready to hit the clubs.

In Summary

Nashville is a vibrant, cultural city with many styles. But, all in all, most people opt for a more casual, hipster look. 

We hope we have inspired you today and made it easier for you to decide on what to wear in Nashville.

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