What To Wear In Nashville + Super Cute Outfit Inspiration

Country music fans from all over the world dream of visiting Nashville. Nashville is the home of country music, and the Grand Ole Opry is its beating heart. 

What To Wear In Nashville + Super Cute Outfit Inspiration

With tons of bars playing live music every night and a vast array of nightclubs, there is so much to do in Nashville for music fans. And there are lots of things to do for those who aren’t huge country music fans too!

Nashville is a very chilled-out place, and the perfect city to visit if you want a city break without the typical hustle and bustle associated with America’s cities.

With things to do for the entire family, there’s no question as to why so many people visit Nashville every single year. 

If you’ve ever watched ABC’s hit TV series, Nashville, then you may think you know what to wear during your trip to the city. But in reality, people in Nashville don’t dress like Connie Briton and Hayden Panettiere do in the show. 

So, if you are struggling to know what to wear in Nashville, don’t look to the show for inspiration. Instead, check out this guide for all the Nashville inspiration you could possibly need!

What Is The Dress Code In Nashville?

If you visit any popular tourist destination across the world, you will typically be able to spot the tourists from the locals. It is normal for tourists to over-dress when visiting new places, and this can really make them stand out from the crowd.

This is no different in Nashville. What you need to remember when it comes to the dress code in Nashville is that Nashville is the home of country music. For that very reason, the city of Nashville has a very laid-back vibe to it.

You don’t need to dress fancy while you are in Nashville, instead, the general dress code for the capital of Tennessee is casual and comfortable. 

If you turned up to Nashville dressed in the latest designer clothes, then you will likely stand out. So, if you want to blend in with the locals, instead opt for the clothes that you feel most comfortable in. 

Remember that Nashville has 4 very distinct seasons, so pay close attention to when you will be visiting Nashville when you put your wardrobe together.

Opt for layers in the winter, and loose-fitting clothes in the summer to ensure you don’t get too warm or too cold during your visit. 

If you are simply visiting Nashville to explore the city, then casual clothing will be suitable for your entire trip.

But, if you plan on visiting any of the music venues in the capital of country music, then you might want to pack a few trendier items of clothing in your case. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what to wear in Nashville if you plan on listening to country music! 

Trendy Items Of Clothing For Your Nashville Trip

Anything Denim

Denim has become popular across the globe, but in Nashville, you will generally find the majority of people wearing some form of denim on their bodies at all times.

In Nashville, denim is always a good idea – no matter whether it be denim jeans, a denim jacket, or a denim shirt. 

If you are visiting in the summer months, we would recommend throwing a denim skirt or denim shorts in your case. In contrast, if you are visiting during the winter, a denim jumpsuit or jeans might be a better option for the weather!

Floral Prints

Floral prints are also incredibly popular in Nashville. Especially if you plan on visiting the city during the spring and summer months. 

Despite once being seen as dated, floral prints really have made a comeback and they are now very popular across the globe. If you are visiting Nashville during the warm season, consider pairing a floral print mini dress with a denim jacket for a very stylish look!

Cowboy Boots

When you are visiting any of the country music venues in Nashville, cowboy boots are an absolute must. Not only are these shoes incredibly stylish, but they’re incredibly comfortable too! 

Cowboy boots are a trend that will never go out of fashion not only in Nashville but across the whole of Tennessee. So, if you want to blend in with the locals, a nice pair of cowboy boots really is a perfect choice! 

Stylish Outfits To Wear In Nashville

Denim And Leather

There is no denying that denim and leather are a great combination of fabrics. This combination has become popular across the world in recent years, and it is a great outfit choice for Nashville.

Combine a leather skirt or trousers with a denim jacket, or a leather jacket with denim jeans, shorts, or even a denim skirt for a stylish outfit! 

Dress And Cowboy Boots

Another outfit combination that simply works is a dress paired with cowboy boots. During the summer months, a mini dress paired with a pair of cowboy boots really is one of the most stylish outfits you can wear in Nashville. 

If you want to make your outfit even more stylish, opt for a floral print dress and wear a denim jacket on your shoulders! 

Cami And Jeans

Finally, if you want a stylish yet simple outfit, a cami with jeans is always a great choice in Nashville. Especially if you wear cowboy boots too!

A simple cami with a pair of low-cut jeans and cowboy boots is the perfect way to fit in the heart of country music, and we’re sure you’ll feel super stylish in this outfit too!


In short, a lot of the clothes that people wear in Nashville really aren’t that different from the clothes that you wear anywhere else in the USA. 

If you want to be particularly stylish during your visit to Nashville, then denim is always a good idea, and a pair of cowboy boots can really add a finishing touch to your outfit. 

We hope the information in this guide has been helpful. Thanks for reading! 

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