What To Wear In Paris

When many of us think of the wide and beautiful French city of Paris, there are many different things that can immediately come to mind such as the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre or maybe the Arc de Triumph.

What all these landmarks have in common is their extravagance, and this is a term that could be applied to the entire city with its incredibly rich history in vibrant clothing and fashion that you really can’t see anywhere else. 

What To Wear In Paris

This does mean that when visiting Paris, it’s always a good idea to try out your most stylish and eye-catching outfits to match the incredibly expressive atmosphere the city is known for.

Here are a few recommendations and tips to take on board when deciding how to dress up in Paris.

Multiple Layers For The Weather

While it certainly can reach higher temperatures if you visit in June or July, like many European countries the weather in France is very unpredictable with temperatures only reaching a maximum of 46 degrees Fahrenheit on average. 

It can also be extremely windy, which is why it’s always a good idea to dress with a few layers so that you can enjoy the city in all its glory. Colorful wooly sweaters are a great option when it’s just a little breezy.

Blazers are another great option, and if there was ever a city where you can get away with wearing deep blue and green or even bright pink blazers, it’s Paris. Wooly scarfs either wrapped around your neck or hanging loose are also an easy addition to keep you warm. 

Pants, Trousers, And Jeans

While you can definitely wear jeans in Paris as a part of your outfit, it’s also a great opportunity to try some different and more expressive pants such as bell bottoms which are a little more loose around the legs. 

If you want something a bit more professional that still oozes style, black Ponte pants are an excellent choice that goes great for any time of the year.

These don’t need to just be black however, brown and white Ponte pants are also great choices that are comfortable and easy to throw on. 

Summer skirts are great to wear when the French heat is out in full force, just make sure to always try to wear skirts that are bright to avoid them looking too plain or drab.

Patters including polka dots and flowers are also a great choice to fit with the vibrant atmosphere of Paris as a city.

You also have the choice between knee-length skirts, which are perfect when the temperatures are high, or longer skirts reaching down the leg for when it’s a little chillier but you still want a free-flowing piece of clothing that won’t restrict your movement in any way. 

It’s also advisable to always avoid wearing sweatpants or any workout clothes since these can make you immediately stand out as a tourist to Parisians, instead, it can be a lot more fun to experiment with looser types of pants and jeans.

Tops And Sweaters

What To Wear In Paris

Part of the beauty of dressing up for Paris is since all Parisians love matching as many contrasting colors and styles as possible, you really don’t need to worry about whether your shirts and tops will match your bottoms in terms of colors, giving you a great opportunity to experiment. 

Both long and short-sleeved tops are excellent choices depending on the weather, however perhaps the most stylish fashion choice is a creamy white buttoned-up shirt tucked into some free-flowing flared pants that are a bit tighter around the waist with a dark belt. 

Oversized warm sweaters are also a great way to keep you feeling comfortable while also looking expressive and casual depending on the color you choose, we would recommend grey sweaters in the winter and colored ones that pop a little more for the spring and summer.

Shoes And Footwear

The rule of thumb when it comes to Parisian footwear is wedges for the summer and tall boots for the winter, however depending on the weather and what pants or jeans you’re planning to wear, driving mocs and flat ankle boots are also great choices. 

Slip-ons are an easy choice when you want something casual that won’t build up any sweat when the sun makes an appearance while boots are some of the most common pieces of clothing you will see during colder seasons in Paris. 

Feel free to take your pick on what kinds of boots you would like to wear for the occasion, waterproof leather boots for example are always worth packing for when it inevitably rains

We would however advise leaving out both ugg boots and heels since they are usually a rarity around Paris as people prefer to wrap up a little more when it comes to footwear and since you are probably going to be walking on cobblestone for a few miles when exploring, heels are not always the best option.  


If there’s one item of clothing you’re going to see nearly everyone wearing in Paris, even during the warmer seasons, it’s jackets since they can add so much class and style to an outfit very easily.

Some of the most common are faux jackets which have a nice oversized design and a furry interior to keep you warm, however, they can easily be left open to still allow you to feel the breeze so you can stay nice and cool.

As mentioned before, brown and grey knee-length blazers are another option you can’t go wrong with while lighter trench coats allow you to wear a fashionable jacket that isn’t too heavy for the summertime. 


There’s no doubt that Parisians love their fashion, so it’s only right to join them and experiment with some of those outfits that have been locked up in the wardrobe for far too long.

Remember to try to create the perfect mix between the clothes looking colorful and casual as this is the key to really pulling off that Parisian look. 

Willa Price