What To Wear In Vegas

Las Vegas may be known as Sin City, but this doesn’t mean your outfit choices should follow the same mantra.

Vegas is a city that thrives on variety, which makes planning your outfits a bit of a challenge.

In this article, we are going to explore all the different scenarios you could find yourself in and how to plan the perfect outfits for them. 

What To Wear In Vegas

Whether you are exploring Vegas in the daytime or venturing out at night, you’ll need to consider where you’re going, the activities you’ll be getting up to and the sweltering heat that will greet you. 

Regardless of whether you’re walking the strip, hitting the nightclubs or kicking back at a pool party, let’s take a look at what you can wear in Vegas! 

Fashion In Vegas

Before we jump into the different occasions you might be dressing up or dressing down for, we’ll look at how Vegas’ culture shapes its fashion.

The Heat

The Mojave Desert definitely doesn’t hold back on the heat in Las Vegas.

This means that, as important as your fashion choices will be for staying cool, accessories play an equally significant role.

Carrying a filtered water bottle, handheld fans and cooling towels are all common practice for visitors to Sin City.

As far as outfits go, the heat makes cool, open, flowing clothing the go-to when you’re walking around. 

The Scale 

You won’t escape the sheer size of Las Vegas too.

As Nevada’s largest city, Vegas sprawls over 80 square miles, which means there’s a lot of walking involved if you want to explore everything it has to offer.

Other than when you’re entering fancy clubs and restaurants, flat shoes tend to be favored, so choose wisely. 

Bling Up

As a city with almost no boundaries, you can imagine how this seeps into the fashion that you see walking the Strip.

Glitter, sequins and everything in between is never out of place in Vegas. It’s a place where you can really express yourself with your outfit and accessory choices. 

Formal Vs. Informal

Following on from blinging up your outfits, Vegas equally doesn’t stop you from dressing more casually.

Of course, the fancy restaurants, nightclubs and casinos will have their own dress codes, but that’s only the high end.

There’s plenty of opportunities for more relaxed, comfy outfits that keep you cool as well as looking stylish. 

Dress For Different Occasions

Dress For Different Occasions

Depending on the type of trip you’re planning on, your suitcase might look like four or five different types of holiday rolled into one.

Let’s take a look at some of the occasions that you might need to dress up or dress down for during your time here. 

Daytime On The Strip

Due to the heat of Nevada, daytime in Las Vegas is all about light, airy clothes that give you room to breathe. You’ll probably be doing lots of walking too, so your choice of footwear is important. 

For outfits, combine tank tops, crop tops, flowing skirts or light dresses to keep yourself cool during the day.

Flat shoes such as sneakers or sandals are the way to go if you’re planning on exploring everything that Vegas has to offer on foot.

Turn up armed with a sleek pair of UV sunglasses too to shield you from the blistering Nevada sun! 


Nighttime in Vegas is less about airy comfort and more about dressing to impress. This is where all the weird and wonderful sights come out.

Whether you’re going out for dinner at an upscale restaurant or hitting the nightclubs and casinos, bring out your sleek dresses, chic jumpsuits and high heels.

If you intend on staying out for the night, definitely break out the glitter and sequins before heading to the clubs


It’s worth giving Las Vegas’ restaurants the attention they deserve too.

With world-famous chefs such as Gordon Ramsey and Nobu Matsuhisa having multiple restaurants here, you wouldn’t be getting the most out of Vegas without dressing up to experience one of them.

Vegas’ high end restaurants are all about sleek, classy outfits that make heads turn.

If you’re thinking of going fine dining, pack your fanciest dresses and heels to make an impression. 

Pool Parties

Vegas pool parties have little to do with the actual pool and a lot to do with the music, dancing and partying that goes on.

Therefore, if you’re going to a pool party in Vegas, you might want to alter your outfit from if you were relaxing by the hotel hot tub. 

Start with cute swimwear that you’re comfortable being in for the whole afternoon or evening, then think about packing a coverup for when you’re by the pool.

You might not want to be up dancing the whole time and a cute coverup to go over your swimsuit is perfect for cooling off in the shade or taking trips to the bar.

Finally, take plenty of sunscreen, a hat and UV sunglasses to make sure you can party on the following day! 

Work Trips

Sin City isn’t just home to casinos and clubs. It actually hosts a surprising amount of work conferences, so if you’re here on business, we’ve got you covered.

When choosing an outfit for a work trip in Vegas, you’ve got to consider that you might not be able to change after work before hitting the Strip.

Blazers, fitted skirts and heels are killer combos, but keep a pair of flats in your bag that you can easily change into if your colleagues want to walk the full length of the Strip and more. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the perfect outfit all comes down to what you’ve got planned.

If you’ll have the time to change between daytime on the Strip and nighttime in a club, your suitcase will be pretty varied.

If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all fashion solution, you’ll need to plan your seamless transition from business to leisure while on the go. 

We hope you enjoy your time in Vegas and strut the Strip in some amazing outfits!

Willa Price