What To Wear To A Baseball Game

We’ve all watched baseball on TV at some point. Those classic baseball outfits are iconic to say the least and have hardly changed in the last century.

But, aside from what the baseball players wear, it’s important to know what is appropriate attire as a spectator in the crowd.

What To Wear To A Baseball Game

Unless you’re actually playing at the game, you don’t want to turn up in the actual baseball uniform. But, you also don’t want to turn up looking like you have no interest in the game or spirit for it.

Therefore, you need to find a happy medium ground. Choosing this, however, is where it can become challenging. 

That’s why we are here to help! In today’s post, we have compiled a selection of certain garments, accessories, and outfits you can wear to a baseball game.

We will discuss how not to overdo it with your style, but also how to add a little baseball flair to your outfit.

So, let’s take you out to the ball game and play ball! 

What To Wear To The Baseball Game

The history of baseball dates back over 160 years. With such a long, distinguished history, you may be wondering if there is a dress code when watching a game from the stands.

In truth, most of the time, sport games attire, whether it be baseball, basketball, or soccer is typically casual. Therefore, this makes it easier to find something to wear as you should have lots of casual clothes waiting in your closet.

The simpler the outfit, the better. This is what most people agree on for sports games. By this, we mean comfortable pants or bottoms you love to wear, neutral tops, and any of your favorite accessories. 

Some casual items can include a bag with the team’s logo that you’re supporting on it and a baseball cap. You can also go for an athletic get up, such as sweatshirts and leggings. These are not only comfortable to wear but fit right in with the sports environment. 

It’s also important to note that stadiums can sometimes be pretty cold, so you should think about wearing layers. But, if it’s mid-summer, you’ll need to wear something loose so you’re not too hot. 

If you have your baseball tickets ready, you’ve probably already thought about what to wear to the game. To help you prepare further, we have outlined some of our favorite outfits and ideas below.

The Classic Baseball Cap

These days, we see baseball caps worn just about everywhere, especially during the hotter months. But, if you’re not one to wear these caps often, you should at least put one on when going to a baseball game.

You can wear a plain baseball cap or choose one that has a logo or phrase associated with the team you’re supporting. And, best of all, baseball caps are versatile and tend to go well with most forms of casual clothing.

The best combination is arguably a baseball cap with a plain blank tank top and distressed denim jeans. Put on some black, blue, or white sneakers as well and your outfits colors will compliment each other perfectly. 

Baseball Jersey

It goes without saying, but a baseball jersey at a baseball game tends to fit right in. These jerseys are casual and comfortable and can be worn over your favorite clothes, such as a hoodie.

Layering your outfit with a baseball jersey is a classic, cool look. Pair with acid wash denim pants and you will look vintage and fly.

You can also add a baseball cap to complete the baseball look and a pair of white sneakers. Casual yet trendy.

A Polo Shirt

A Polo Shirt

You can’t go wrong with a classic polo shirt. This looks smart whether you’re at the game with some friends or trying to impress a date! 

Pair your shirt with a matching baseball cap and some khaki shorts or pants and your look will be distinguished, yet still casual. 

Whilst sneakers can look good, we suggest wearing black shoes or leather loafers instead. These are more stylish and will help elevate your outfit even more.

Face Paint

Okay, this may not be a clothes item but face paint is a great way of showing your support for a team and standing out from the crowd!

Face paint shows you’re excited about the game and that you’re behind your team all the way. Wear your team’s jersey, too, with their logo and you’ll be like their new mascot. Also, a black tube top and denim jeans will look great too. 

Mix and match with your friends. You could even design your own face paint to stand out even more.

Monochrome Black

It’s hard not to look stylish with a monochrome black outfit. It is really easy to put together as all you’ll need to do is find some clothes with similar colors and shades. 

Black or dark gray skinny jeans with a black graphic t-shirt is always a winner. Pair these with black boots, a baseball cap and aviator sunglasses, and you’ll turn some heads.

If boots or heeled shoes are not your thing, a pair of black sneakers will also look great. 


Converse shoes are classic and tend to look great with just about any outfit. Look at any pictures from baseball games and you will undoubtedly see people wearing converse footwear. Not only are they versatile, but these shoes are comfortable and similar to those that baseball players wear. 

Wear your converse shoes with blue skinny jeans, a black t-shirt or top and a striped baseball jersey. Finish it off with a baseball cap (ideally with your team’s logo on it), and your look will be complete. 

In Summary

There are so many outfits and accessories you can wear to a baseball game. Above are just some of our favorite ideas. But, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and are yourself.

Take inspiration from our ideas above and add some flair to match your personality if you like!

Willa Price

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