What To Wear To A Tea Party

Cream tea, scones, sandwiches, and cakes… are just some of the benefits and things you’ll be looking forward to when you find yourself attending a tea party! 

Tea parties can be incredibly fun and a great way to socialize with your friends which is a bit different from the usual activities out there.

What To Wear To A Tea Party

It’s an event that gives you the opportunity to dress up and experience life the way women across history used to. Plus the refreshments are delicious! 

If you have been invited to a tea party or you are planning on hosting one for yourself, you might be struggling to work out what to wear.

Well, you’re in luck! We’re going to guide you through what to wear for a tea party so you can look amazing while you enjoy yourself… so let’s get started! 

What To Wear To A Tea Party

While there are lots of options to choose from when it comes to finding the perfect tea party outfit, it is important to know a few basics about tea parties before you start planning.

The general rules for tea party attire aren’t too strict, but can be quite disastrous if you get them wrong! 

To make sure your outfit stays appropriate, when you choose your outfit, make sure you stick to these general guidelines: 

  • Soft colors are always better than vibrant colors. Play around with pastels! 
  • Hats and gloves are acceptable for tea parties, but they are usually only worn in the winter, so if it’s the summer, hold off! 
  • Keep your makeup toned down and even subtle. The keywords here are “elegant” and “nice”.
  • Above everything else, modesty is key when it comes to tea parties, so always keep your outfit and accessories modest! 

As long as you stick to these general guidelines, you can’t really go wrong in whatever you choose to wear.

Modesty is the most important thing when it comes to your tea party attire, so start with that aspect and built around it! 

Soft & Floral Dresses

While you might be tempted to wear something bold in color, in the case of tea parties, it’s in your best interest to go for something more soft and floral. Tea parties are all about modesty and elegance, not showing off! 

Here are a few tips for dressing soft and floral: 

  • Pale or pastel colors will work better than bold and edgy ones.
  • While you do want to look semi-formal, avoid wearing the color black when you can. Black is a bit too serious and a bit too formal for tea parties! 
  • Light and flowy dresses are especially good for tea parties, and when they are a soft and floral pattern and color, you can’t really go wrong. 

Pants & Shirt

While dresses are a classic look for tea parties, not everyone enjoys wearing them, so there are plenty of ways you can tailor your look to your own preferences.

You can definitely wear pants and a shirt to a tea party, you just need to cater this look to the event a bit! 

If you do go for the pants & shirt combo, consider these tips: 

  • Make sure your pants are tailored to fit you perfectly. Tea parties are all about dressing to impress and looking clean-cut! Don’t wear any pants or shirts that don’t look like they fit. 
  • Add a blazer to your pants and shirt look to really complete the outfit. If you want your outfit to feel a bit more feminine, consider getting a floral blazer. 
  • Avoid jeans at all costs! While you might be tempted to wear jeans, they are a bit too casual for tea parties and you’ll look a bit out of place. 

Formal Closed-Toe Shoes

Formal Closed-Toe Shoes

If you really want to go for the classic tea party look, then you will need to pair your outfit with the right shoes. For tea parties, mary jane heels or closed-toe shoes are your best option.

They are formal enough that they match the aesthetic of the tea party, but not too out there that they seem out of place. 

Here are some more tips to consider: 

  • Don’t wear stilettos! You might be tempted, but this style of shoe isn’t conservative enough for tea parties, so avoid them when you can. 
  • If you’re wearing a pants & shirt combo, you can wear shoes like pointed ballet flats, mary janes, and even a nice pair of leather shoes.
  • Stacked-styled shoes are your best option when it comes to tea party-appropriate shoes. 

Hats & Gloves

Hats and gloves are definitely tea party essentials, but remember that they are usually only present at really formal or winter tea parties.

If you are going to wear gloves, the longer gloves are more formal. When it comes to hats, you need to make sure that it matches your outfit! 

  • Hats are usually optional at tea parties, but always check with the host about the dress code. 
  • Gloves are not required for tea parties, but if you are going to wear them, lace gloves or gloves with bows are your best bet. 


To complete your look, you’re going to need to wear the right accessories! You don’t want to go too far with your accessories, so just keep them simple and elegant.

You only really need one single piece of statement jewelry, and if you wear any more accessories, keep them subtle! 

Some good examples of statement jewelry include a sparkly brooch, a cocktail ring, or a classic watch. Work the rest of your accessories around the main piece and make sure to keep them simple and classy. 

You also need to make sure that your accessories actually match your outfit, so don’t be afraid to experiment a bit in the planning stage!


While it might seem like a lot of work, dressing up for a tea party is a very fun experience! It gives you the chance to dress up elegantly, without having to go over the top in what you wear. 

The tips we have provided will help you dress to impress! 

Willa Price