What To Wear To A Wine-Tasting Event

Wine-tasting events can range from the uber-elite to the most relaxed fun. They can be at the most spectacular wineries to the most low-key of cellars.

Knowing what kind of wine-tasting event you’re entering will most definitely be fundamental to how you choose your wardrobe.

What To Wear To A Wine-Tasting Event

If you’re a wine lover, you’ll probably know your Sauvignon Blanc from your Cabernet Sauvignon, and chances are you’ve possibly attended at least one wine-tasting event in your wine-drinking days, giving you some idea of the fun you’re about to experience.

However, if you’re a novice when it comes to wine this is the ideal guide for you.

Wine Country

Wine Country for those who are not familiar is a region of California, in the northern San Francisco Bay Area.

Well known for its premier wine growing and hospitality industry, from Michelin-starred restaurants to its boutique hotels.

The nature of the weather in wine country, with its Mediterranean climate during the summer months, the warm and sunny days will most definitely help to influence your wardrobe choices.

Not only perfect for grape growing but also for those who love lightweight materials and sandals.

However, the weather can vary during the day so it is best to layer up.

As the evenings draw in and the temperature drops you don’t want to be getting chills while you’re relaxing in those beautiful surroundings.

During the spring/summer months, a sundress paired with a cardigan and sandals will always be the perfect choice for your days relaxing in the wineries.

Flat sandals or wedges will be better suited as there is often a lot of walking around outdoors and on unpaved surfaces as well as standing.

Not forgetting a lightweight jacket is always ideal to keep you warm, as if you’re in Napa you may find there’s a light breeze that comes in from the bay during the evenings.

If you’re visiting during the autumn/winter months, scarves, sweaters, denim, and boots are the go-to for most ladies attending the wineries although in keeping with your serene surroundings lighter colored sweaters are the better choice.

You may be surprised to know that denim is acceptable all year round in wine country, although if it is more of an upscale wine-tasting event then opting for darker denim is the answer.

And don’t forget your sunglasses!

Tasting Rooms

What To Wear To A Wine-Tasting Event

Wine tasting rooms are part of wineries or breweries where the public can sample the products they have to offer, most of these events will be organized to help build brand awareness and loyalty for that specific winery.

If you’re headed to a wine-tasting room, a cute top and a pair of jeans are always an excellent option but bear in mind that even in the summer months, a jacket is also advisable to keep you from getting cold from the chilly air conditioning rooms.

Nowadays, most of these events are fairly casual, however, dressier is always better, probably better to skip the flip-flops and leggings and opt for more sophisticated casual attire.

Most guests will still opt for a nice dress and sandals or once again a pair of dark jeans and a nice blouse or polo/dress shirt.

Layering with a nice denim jacket or blazer is always a good way to dress up or down an ensemble depending on your style.

Depending on whether you are there as part of a group for work or with friends can also influence your wardrobe decision for these types of events.

If it’s a work-organized event then opting for more smart casual attire would be better suited, keeping colors muted and heel heights on the low side.

If the event is more of a girls’ weekend, then the dress code can be a little more relaxed and flirty with a higher heel height and more colorful prints, while still keeping the tone smart and casual.

But do bear in mind if you’re visiting more than one winery tasting room at your event that your comfort will make the experience even more enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

It is important to note that despite the venue, for most people a wine-tasting event is a good reason to go out and get a little dressed up.

These events can also be great for couples (Check out Couples Costumes To Recreate The Roaring 20s) to go out without the children and enjoy some quality time together.

Keeping your wardrobe for these events smart yet casual means you can never look too overdressed or even underdressed whether the location is the glorious wine country or just a local winery.

Remembering floral floaty dresses paired with a denim jacket and sandals is always an ideal choice or if you’re not one for dresses then jeans can always be worn.

Bearing in mind, that darker denim is always the better choice no matter the location teamed with a pretty blouse or polo/dress shirt.

And when it comes to footwear don’t forget that a lower heel height is always the best option over heels that are too high.

Wine country may offer walking surfaces that can be uneven and there’s always plenty of walking and standing to be done.

Lower heels also always tend to lean more towards the sophisticated side if your wine-tasting event is work-related.

Keep accessories to a minimum, opting for a smaller purse or bag, depending on the location, the less you have to carry the better.

Low-maintenance hair will also be your best friend during any of these events, opting for a cute ponytail or bun can save you from frizzy or even flat hair depending on the weather or season.

Also avoid wearing white to any wine-tasting event, especially if you’re prone to spilling, or if you’re partial to red wines, darker-colored clothing choices may be a better option in either of these cases.

Always better to be more comfortable and enjoy the experience.

Lastly, it is advised to skip the heavy fragrances and perfumes, these can overpower the vital role of the strong and unique aromas that come with wine tasting which is what it’s really all about!

Willa Price