What To Wear To A Winery

Are you planning a trip to a winery? There’s plenty to consider other than just the grapes themselves when visiting a vineyard.

Getting your outfit right on the day will make sure that you are dressed to impress without compromising on comfort.

This is why we have put together a list of do’s and don’ts for choosing your perfect winery outfit. 

What To Wear To A Winery

The first thing to consider is the venue itself. Is it a formal occasion that you’ll need to dress up for or are you attending a casual get-together?

Secondly, think about the weather before you go.

The time of year can seriously change your wine tasting experience, especially if you end up sweltering in the summer heat or shivering with a winter chill. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at what to wear, what not to wear, and some seasonal changes that you should think about before your fine wine experience! 

What To Wear

Let’s start with the do’s. Some of the following suggestions might seem self-explanatory, but you would be surprised at the amount of first-time wine tasters who show up without thinking ahead! 

Dress It Up

Wine tasting is a fantastic opportunity to dress up for the occasion if it’s appropriate. Break out your favorite floral dresses and get a little more fancy than usual.

Of course, you can also dress it down if it’s an informal event you’re attending, which is where shorts, T-shirts and everything in between is on the table. 

Handheld Bags Or Purses

You’re going to need both hands throughout most of your day at a winery, so keep them free. You don’t want to be fumbling around with a handheld bag as you’re juggling multiple wine glasses!

If you’re going to take a bag or a purse on your visit, make sure it’s on the smaller side and has a strap that can quickly holster your personal items. 

Comfortable Shoes 

Keep in mind that you’ll probably be spending large parts of your day on your feet, so footwear is key. Flat shoes are your best bet, but this doesn’t completely rule out heels.

Anything with a block heel is still an excellent choice for both comfort and style.

You don’t want to find your feet aching when you’re only an hour into your day, so choose footwear that you’re most comfortable in whilst still dressing it up! 

Layer Up

Throughout the day, you can expect to be on the move. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be times when you’ll be stood or sat still though.

Wearing multiple layers will give you the freedom to cool down if you’ve been on the move or snuggle up if you’re sitting on an outdoor terrace enjoying your favorite grapes.

Anything from a smart sweater to a chic blazer over the top of your outfit will layer you up in classy fashion.

What Not To Wear

We’ve covered the do’s, but now let’s get into the don’ts. The following tips could be more significant to ensuring that your day goes off without a hitch than our do’s.

Avoid White

Avoid White

The first thing to be said is that this is on a person-by-person basis. We’ve all been there before when fine red wine ruins your favorite dress, so don’t let it spoil your special day out.

If you’re someone who is prone to spilling drinks, you should probably steer clear of white when choosing your outfit.

However, if you’ve got a steady hand that can shield your favorite white outfit from your wine, there’s nothing stopping you from rocking up in a pristine white dress. 

High Heels

We’ve touched on high heels before as a potential option for your winery visit, but there is a cut-off point for most people.

Your stilettos could be the perfect match for your midi dress, but not when you can’t leave the tasting room in them.

The other consideration is that the terrain could be bumpy during your tour around a vineyard, so favor stability over style when choosing the right heels.

Athletic Wear

Hand in hand with dressing it up is dressing down. Wineries tend to be quite classy places, so joggers, hoodies and trainers are probably going to look out of place.

They might be your most comfortable items, but they won’t live up to a winery dress code. 

What To Wear In Different Seasons

The time of year is crucial to consider when planning your outfit, so take a look at some of our seasonal suggestions for what to pack. 


Spring is ideal for bringing your colorful blouses perhaps with bright floral designs and shaking off the chill of winter.

We would also suggest still packing some spare sweaters as the start and end of the day can still be pretty brisk. 


Roll out the brightest parts of your closet and prepare for the heat. Chinos are ideal for adapting to looser, thinner outfits that give you room to breathe and all of your flowing dresses are free to come out.

Make sure you pack sunscreen too as you’ll be in the great outdoors for much of your day. 


All the golden colors of fall are great to include in your outfit, whether it be beiges, creams or oranges.

Of course, sweaters are encouraged and even a sweater dress can keep you warm and still maintain your upscale style. 


Wineries tend to be quieter during winter, so you might just have the place to yourself. Take an umbrella (Also check out What Is A Parasol?) if you’re braving the outdoors and plan your outfits accordingly.

Trench coats can still look classy over a dress too, whilst knee-high boots give you a comfortable, stable option for footwear that will still compliment your outfit. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that you’re feeling a little more prepared heading to your winery experience now. Remember to consider the type of venue it is and check the weather forecast before you go.

Other than that, enjoy your wine tasting!

Willa Price