What To Wear To Church

Everyone likes to dress up for special occasions but many of us love to wear casual clothes as often as possible too.

After all, casual attire is the most comfortable! However, some establishments can be a little hard to read when figuring out what is the most appropriate fashion attire. One such place is church.

What To Wear To Church

What is regarded as “proper” attire is more relaxed in modern society when compared with the past.

A changing world brings changing fashion, and even the church has undergone significant image alterations over the last few decades.

Generally speaking, people have always reserved their finest and best clothes for Sunday church services.

Known as their “Sunday Best,” these clothes were especially for church occasions, with many church goers only having two or three outfits for church.

Today, this isn’t quite the case, although many still prefer to dress smartly when visiting church. Deciding what to wear can be tricky, but overall, you should find something that is comfortable.

Being casual can help you feel at ease in church, so having a selection of outfits to wear can make it easier when deciding.

However, you need to find an outfit that is true to yourself and your relationship with God. A baseball cap, tracksuit bottoms and a vest may be too casual.

Appropriate church clothes tend to be neat, subtle, and conservative. But, this doesn’t mean you have to wear stuffy, old fashioned clothes!

Today, we are going to guide you through some fashion ideas to inspire you for the next time you go to church.

Remember, all clothes have a time and place, and some are just not suitable for worship. So, put down that miniskirt, leave that tank top at home, and hide that cleavage!

Let’s discover the best dress code for church below.

Appropriate Attire For Church

There is no set dress code for church, but there are some factors to consider. As we mentioned above, subtle and conservative outfits are the best way to go.

Right now, you may have an image of something old fashioned in your head, but this is no longer the case.

No, you can’t wear your workout clothes to the church, but you don’t have to dress like it’s a wedding, either.

There is no single ensemble that works well with the church and going to the beach (unless the church is on a beach!), so, it’s best not to wear a sarong and bikini to church this Sunday.

Most of the time, you can feel what’s “right” and what’s “wrong” for church when wearing an outfit.

You may love high heels and ripped skinny jeans, but they may not be the best fit for church. In general, it’s best to dress up somewhat for times of worship.

The good news is that you can still be stylish, modern, and pretty when dressing up for church.

Church Outfit Ideas

A Summer Dress

What To Wear To Church (1)

When the weather is sunny and warm, you don’t want to dress up in layers upon layers just because you think it’s appropriate for church.

You need to be comfortable. So, if you’re heading to church when it’s warm, a summer dress is a great outfit to wear.

Chances are, you have a summer dress in your wardrobe ready to go! But, for church, it should be at least knee length as anything shorter can be considered inappropriate.

Whether your dress has a low-cut neckline, spaghetti straps, or is laced up, it should be suitable for church.

If you think it is a little “too revealing,” you can add a fitted cardigan and button it up.

The cardigan will act as a conservative fashion choice to go with the more casual summer dress. Pair with a kitten heel and you’re ready to go to church!

A Full Skirt And Sweater

Another outfit to try is a light sweater with an A-line or full skirt. This is a great retro and sweet ensemble that works just about anywhere you go.

You can even go further with this style and tie your hair into a neat ponytail with a little bow. Be creative with your style, even if it’s for church!

A Long Sleeve Midi Dress

Elegant and comfortable, a long-sleeved midi dress is perfect for church goers in the fall.

We suggest going with a belted style or empire waist to give your outfit a body-hugging fit. This can also create more shape and make you feel as beautiful as you really are.

Blouse And Pants

What To Wear To Church - Blouse And Pants

You can’t go wrong with a blouse paired with some conservative, stylish pants. Tuck your blouse into your pants for a simple yet elegant look.

Best of all, this outfit can be worn for all sorts of occasions.

So, if you’re heading out for lunch after church, you won’t need to change. Informal yet formal – that’s fashion we can get behind!

Stay Away From Loud Patterns And Vivid Colors

You do not want to be a distraction when going to church.

But, if you wear clothes with ostentatious accessories or with loud, bright colors, then you may distract others from their worship.

Wearing very dark or very bright colors will make you stand out in a subdued setting of a church.

Try to opt for well-coordinated outfits with subdued tones. Pastel colors, or brown and grays are good choices for church.

Can You Wear Jeans To Church?

Yes, you can wear jeans to church but try to keep within certain boundaries. Straight-cut, high or mid-rise jeans, and dark-wash denim are suitable options.

Paired with a conservative cardigan, ankle boots, or smart shoes, and you will look very stylish yet formal for a church setting.

What Shoes To Wear To Church

What Shoes To Wear To Church

One of the best types of shoes are those with low-heels and covered toes. Smart ballet flats also work in church, too.

If you are going to wear pants, such as jeans, simple ankle boots also work well.

We recommend that you keep away from worn sneakers (or any worn boots), flip flops, and casual sandals, such as those you would wear to the beach.

Dos And Don’ts Of Church Fashion

Fashion Dos

  • Add layers, like blazers, if you’re wearing a revealing top and dress.
  • Choose a garment that covers your shoulders.
  • Tuck your top or cardigan into your pants.
  • Wear a belt if your pants have belt loops.
  • Wear knee-length or longer skirts.
  • Wear floral patterns.
  • Wear a loose pencil skirt.

Fashion Don’ts

  • Do not wear overly casual clothing, such as leggings and gym gear.
  • Do not wear leggings.
  • Do not wear animal prints.
  • Do not wear body-hugging skirts or tight, revealing tops.
  • Don’t wear too many accessories.
  • Don’t wear very bright, shocking colors or loud patterns.
  • Do not wear skirts that are above the knees.
  • Do not wear heels that are over three inches.

In Summary

Although there are no rules that are set in stone when it comes to church dress codes, there are unwritten standards and principles to adhere to.

Next time you go to church, revisit this guide to ensure you are dressed appropriately for Sunday Service.

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